Friday, October 26, 2012

A Thrill Ride

I recently finished reading the Torn Trilogy by Erica O'Rourke. It's YA but doesn't feel YA...does that make sense?!? I mean, yes, it is about a girl who is in high school and I can see where the life events she's having to endure and the decisions she's having to make can be stripped down to reveal the same basic issues all teenagers struggle with. But man...the things Mo has to face are so much more than what most teenagers have to. So that's what I'm saying...

Maura "Mo" Fitzgerald first learns about a world separate from the one she lives in when she witnesses her best friend murdered. Outside her world, where she has to deal with the rumors of her family's involvement with the mob and her father's incarceration, outside of attending an elite private school where she's trying to earn early acceptance into NYU and outside of working at her mom's restaurant, Mo has learned of the Magic world and the Arcs. Her best friend, Verity, knew about the Magic and her role in an ancient prophecy. But now that Verity is gone, Mo is now to fulfill that prophecy...if she survives that long. Learning to deal with and live within the Magic world is treacherous, especially since there's a faction within that realm out to cause a revolution. And it's not only those in the Magic world who are after her. She's learned that her family is indeed involved with the mob. With a new mob leader trying to take over in town, Mo begins walking a dangerous path - playing both sides against the other. 

In her corner, she has Colin, the bodyguard her uncle has assigned to watch over her in the human world. Colin is safe and solid and understands her human world as well as her dealings with the Arcs. But Colin has his own secrets. And she has Luc, who is mysterious and is drawn to Mo from the start. He's also her partner in the Magic world's prophecy. Mo tries to keep her two worlds separate. She tries to ignore her feelings for Luc (whom she believes is only interested in her for her part of the prophecy) while focusing on her feelings for Colin. Mo's trying to stay true to herself and figure out what exactly that means, find her own way in the world and what her place is in it. Mo eventually figures out how to balance her worlds, protect those she loves, and allows herself to fall in love...all while saving worlds, both human and magical.

There's a lot of angst and action and love in this series. It was exciting and heartbreaking. And it all made for great reading!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Perfect Game - A Perfect Read on a Snowy Day

Here is my first review of a TFEiC author. 

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

This is a little novel (190 pages) with a BIG emotional punch! I was impressed with the character development and the plotting and pacing. Cassie, a college student studying photography, just wants to get her degree and land a job doing what she loves. Jack, a college baseball player, is the epitome of the word "player". The two meet one night at a fraternity party and Jack is immediately intrigued. Cassie thinks she'd do well to avoid him, and his dimples, and his adoring fangirls. If only she could. Jack has set his sights on her like a heat seeking missile. =) She eventually agrees to a date. And that changes everything.

Cassie and Jack both have some "heavy" baggage coming into this relationship. They both have MAJOR trust issues. However, they are able to work through them and it makes their relationship strong enough to withstand a lot. I will say that there were times I was yelling, literally yelling, at Jack when he was being an idiot. But although he screwed up immensely, Cassie did some things that I wanted to shake her silly over. But in the end, these two get their HEA. 

I also want to mention the very strong supporting cast. I'd love to see Dean and Melissa get their own book(s). 

Oh, the ending...goodness. I loved it. It was so romantic. =) I will definitely be reading more of J. Sterling!

What I'm Up To...

So, in August, I read a couple of books by a couple of indie authors (reviews to come, reviews to come =). When I checked out their websites, I discovered that said authors were going to be attending a signing event in Chicago on September 29. I thought to myself, "hmm, I think I'll figure out a way to make it to Chicago for that!" However, my hubby was going to be out of town that weekend and also, it was my son's birthday weekend. Again, I thought "hmm, I could make a birthday trip out of it and take all the kids...wouldn't that be fun?!?" BUT, I just couldn't justify the airfare (although it was good airfare, I'd still have hotel, etc.) I just couldn't swing it. So, I decided what I'd do instead is read one book from every author that was going to be attending TFEiC (The First Ever Indie Conference). And I HAVE NOT been disappointed yet! I'm going to be posting a list of the authors that were at the event and crossing them off as I read them. (You'll see I've already read quite a few...and honestly, I read entire series at a time because I just couldn't stop once I got started...they're that good! =) And I have reviews in the works on all the books because I can't wait to share about them. Some of the authors are no longer "indie", having been signed by publishers thanks to the sales of their awesomely written books. I couldn't be happier for is really a shame that they weren't already signed but I admire them greatly for publishing for themselves...I'd have missed out on a lot of awesomeness if they hadn't. You should check them out too - wouldn't want you to miss out on greatness!