Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I'm Up To...

So, in August, I read a couple of books by a couple of indie authors (reviews to come, reviews to come =). When I checked out their websites, I discovered that said authors were going to be attending a signing event in Chicago on September 29. I thought to myself, "hmm, I think I'll figure out a way to make it to Chicago for that!" However, my hubby was going to be out of town that weekend and also, it was my son's birthday weekend. Again, I thought "hmm, I could make a birthday trip out of it and take all the kids...wouldn't that be fun?!?" BUT, I just couldn't justify the airfare (although it was good airfare, I'd still have hotel, etc.) I just couldn't swing it. So, I decided what I'd do instead is read one book from every author that was going to be attending TFEiC (The First Ever Indie Conference). And I HAVE NOT been disappointed yet! I'm going to be posting a list of the authors that were at the event and crossing them off as I read them. (You'll see I've already read quite a few...and honestly, I read entire series at a time because I just couldn't stop once I got started...they're that good! =) And I have reviews in the works on all the books because I can't wait to share about them. Some of the authors are no longer "indie", having been signed by publishers thanks to the sales of their awesomely written books. I couldn't be happier for is really a shame that they weren't already signed but I admire them greatly for publishing for themselves...I'd have missed out on a lot of awesomeness if they hadn't. You should check them out too - wouldn't want you to miss out on greatness!

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