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**Blog Tour ~ Mercy Row ~ Harry Hallman**

Hi, y'all. Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Mercy Row, by Harry Hallman. My stop includes all the details about the book and a trailer.

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Mercy Row by Harry Hallman
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Genre: Historical Fiction/Crime Thriller

A young man flunks out of school and becomes a successful businessman and the leader of the Irish Mob in North Philadelphia. He battles rival Italian gangs 
from South Philadelphia and Chicago. With the help of his partner in crime and the Irish gangsters of North Philly, he triumphs over adversity to become one of the most powerful criminal leaders in 1920s and 30s Philly. At the same time he helps build and eventually leads a large construction concern that is responsible for building the iconic row homes of North Philadelphia. This all takes place during prohibition and the great depression a time in American history that spawned the largest criminal networks in the world. 

During the process of creating his criminal and legitimate enterprises he meets and falls in love with a beautiful women and starts the family that will one day succeed him.

Book Trailer

About Harry

Hallman was born in 1944 and raised in the Kensington section of North Philadelphia. His father was Harry Hallman Sr., a champion billiards player who also owned a poolroom located at Allegany Ave. and Lee Street, called Circle Billiards. In his youth, the younger Hallman spent many hours after school at his father's pool hall. These youthful experiences laid the groundwork for his novel
Mercy Row, including the colorful language used in the text.

He served four years in the US Air force including two tours in South Vietnam as a photographer. He is married to Duoc Hallman, who he met in Vietnam, and has two children, Bill and Nancy and one grandchild Ava. 

Hallman is a serial entrepreneur who has created several marketing services companies and continues to work as a marketing consultant.

"My favorite possession, from my childhood, is a baby book my sister gave my mother (Florence) when I was born. There's a passage in this book, written by my mother in 1991 when I was 47, that seems to sum up what I have endeavored to be all my life. It reads:

 - Bud (my childhood name) grew up to be a great boy and man. Gruff, but a heart as big as could be.-

This is what a man from the Kensington section of Philadelphia is."

Hallman wrote this book, in 2012, when he was 68 years old. This is his first novel.

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  1. This sounds like such a fascinating read! Mob stories aren't typically my thing, but there is definitely something about the way they work and the men who run them that just intrigues. Thanks for introducing me to this one:)


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