Friday, May 18, 2018

New Release Review ~ One Naughty Night ~ Shelly Bell @ShellyBell987 #2018NewRelease

One Naughty NightOne Naughty Night by Shelly Bell
Release Date: May 17, 2018
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received an ARC from the author which had no influence on my rating and my review is provided voluntarily. 
Rating: 4 Bookworms
Challenges: #2018NewRelease

She's his younger sister's best friend.
A cancer survivor.
A guest on his storm chasing tour.
Completely forbidden.
She's too innocent for a man like him.

For five torturous days, he's followed the rules and kept his hands to himself.
But now that he's read her naughty list, all bets are off.
He's going to fulfill every dirty fantasy on that list.

All except the one-night stand.
Because if he has his way, they'll last longer than one naughty night...

One Naughty Night was short and reminded me why I enjoy SBell's writing. The characters were engaging and the story was relatable...and she delivered an inherently readable story with a side of steam. *wink*

We've all at least contemplated it - a bucket list of things we want to do before we're no longer able to. In Allie's case, she created bucket lists - yes, two. When she was forced to consider the uncertainty of life far too early in her life, Allie created a "nice" bucket list and a "naughty" bucket list. What would you do if you decided life was to short not to take risks? Chase a tornado? Get naked with the hunky storm chaser who just happens to be your best friend's older brother whom you've been secretly crushing on for years? And who also just happened to read your naughty bucket list? Um...yes!?! =)

I enjoyed how SBell brought Allie and Drake together. They each had their reasons for not risking their hearts but their connection and attraction was undeniable. The element of suspense created via storm chasing was exciting and felt realistic. And the sexy scenes were exactly that....oh so sexy.

One Naughty Night was a pleasure and even though its pages are few it was enough of a story that I'm satisfied. I do hope to see Allie and Drake again...maybe when we get Taryn and Jack's story?

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