Thursday, August 2, 2018

#COYER Mini-Challenge Day #5 ~ Loving Romantic Suspense?

COYER Mini-Challenge: Romantic Suspense

Hey y'all! Welcome to Day #5 of our Romantic Suspense Mini-Challenge. Have you read all 3 books? Have you decided you need more romantic suspense in your reading diet? Tell me how it's going. I finished Relentless by Elizabeth Dyer, and I ended up enjoying it. My review will post soon. :) I'm now reading Rescuing Rayne by Susan Stoker. It'll probably be the last one I finish...if I can manage that. 

Continuing with our story... be sure to check back tomorrow for the *final* installment.
It was a big step, bringing everyone together, but we decided it was time. It was no small feat getting her family (minus 2) over to my continent but we did it. I was worried - can you tell that's my constant state? - about how her family would feel about home. But I shouldn't have. Everyone got along splendidly even if there was a language barrier and we all had a great time. And it was more proof that things - our meeting and being a part of each others' lives - were meant to be!

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