Thursday, November 15, 2012


I really need to stop reading book blogs! =) Of course, I won't give them up. I enjoy them too much. I love reading other readers' must read lists and can't wait for lists, favorite authors and of course, the reviews. But seriously, my TBR list is already ginormous and it just keeps growing and growing...and there's NO WAY I can keep up. I'm doing my best to worm my way through, but... And to make things more aggravating...I mean, having an out of control TBR list is pretty aggravating, right?!?...some of these new books I keep reading about (drooling over =) are only available on Kindle!! I'm sure I've mentioned before that I work at a bookstore...and said bookstore has its own e-reader and each of my family members owns one. But I'm actually considering going over to the dark side just so I can read these dang books!! Ugh!!

I have another TBR list that's getting out of control as To Be Reviewed list. I still have reviews from my TFEiC authors in the works, as well as others. Sooo, guess I better stop dreaming and drooling and get to work!

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