Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twelfth Night Redux

Love Evolution

Title: Love Evolution
Author: Michelle Mankin
Genre: Young Adult

Synopsis from GoodReads:

Nineteen year old Avery Jones can play the guitar as well as any guy. Better Even.

Brutal Strength, one of the biggest bands around, needs a new lead guitarist.

Seems like the perfect fit, except for one big problem. Temperamental lead singer Marcus Anthony won't allow a woman in his band.

Read Love Evolution, a rock 'n roll adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.


Another review of a TFEiC author in my quest to read at least one book per TFEiC author...

This was a sweet little read.  It was fast...it was fun. I enjoyed the twist on Shakespeare. I thought Michelle Mankin rocked her modern adaptation. 

When we first meet Avery, who happens to be a guitar prodigy, she's grieving the loss of her twin brother. She and her brother had been on the verge of a record deal. But now, that dream is gone. When her agent gets her an audition with the rock band, Brutal Strength, it gives her a spark of life. However, she has to pose as a male in order to get into the audition. When she meets Marcus Anthony, they have an immediate connection. The story revolves around the continued growth of the relationship between Avery and Marcus and the impediment her charade imposes...particularly when Marcus begins to question himself over his growing attraction to a male. Lots of giggles when reading the thoughts of both Marcus and Avery regarding their attraction to one another.

The cast of supporting characters were lots of fun as well. The relationship between Marcus and his brother, Dwight, added dimension and entertainment to the story. And I really liked Marcus' parents. And the deviousness of Mary (CEO of Black Cat records) was also entertaining. And the music aspect...I like how Avery was able to channel her emotions into the lyrics. And Love Evolution...what a love letter!

I really liked this book and recommend it if you're looking for something light and fun.

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