Saturday, December 8, 2012


I want to make a quick apology to those who've commented here. I did not realize I had the word verification function turned on. (Thanks to my daughter for pointing it out :) I know I find that function terribly annoying. I'm very sorry to have annoyed any of you. That defeats my goal of having conversations about books. I have now disabled the functionality and I hope it makes commenting here much more pleasant. And I DO love reading comments and commenting back. So comment away! :) 


  1. Ha ha ha! Yes, that thing is annoying but I get pissed when I get those spam comments too! Well, what can you do?

    By the way, I added a linksy function to my meme. I don't know, maybe someday will get around like Alison's FF! :-)

  2. *Ha* Well, I haven't had the spam comments yet (naturally) so we'll see if I end up turning it back on.

    I'll make sure to include the linksy function...that's cool. And we'll do our best get you around! :) *ha*


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