Thursday, August 4, 2016

That's What HE Said #67 ~ Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #48

That's What He Said is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies @Chapter Break. Here's the deal: every Thursday, post a line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind, these are direct quotes from dialog in the books. The quote doesn't have to be romantic - just something our hunky hero said to his lucky lady. Be sure to link up over at Chapter Break as well.

My pick this week for That's What He Said is from:

Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley


"But we got a rocky road ahead of us and I don't know where it's gonna lead before we get to the other side. The only think I can give you is, that shit comes outta my mouth and cuts you, you gotta understand that shit was planted in me and I gotta get it out. I'll try to do it in a way that doesn't harm you but I obviously am not battin' a thousand with that so I can make no promises except I'll try. What you need to give me is to know it is not about you, it's about me. You gotta suck it up and stand by me. You gotta know, in the end, I'll work my ass off to make it all worth it to you, and you gotta always remember I love you and I have never, not once, said those words to any breathing soul so you also gotta know what that means."


Ty Walker, having just been released from 5 years in prison, understandably is hungry for real food. It must be said he wasn't ordering for himself and Lexie...only himself. *hehe*

"Coffee," Walker said over me. "Now." She nodded quickly. He kept speaking. "Bacon, crispy, double order. Sausage links, double order. Four pancakes. Four eggs, over medium. Four slices of bread. Hash browns, double order. After the coffee."

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