Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brandee's Bookish Babble #32 ~ Goodreads & Friends

Welcome to Brandee's Bookish Babble. There are many, many similar posts to this one - but basically I wanted a place to discuss bookish and/or blogging stuff and I needed a title. :) 

I have a question for y'all. How do y'all decide whose friendship to accept on Goodreads? Do you accept everyone who sends a friend request? Do you compare books before deciding? I know some of you use the "ask a question" function - do you always accept if the person answers? 

I'm asking because I used to accept anyone who asked. But in the last year or so, I've gotten friend requests from people with weird pseudonyms, people with 5000 friends and 3 books on their shelves, people with whom I only have 2 books in common... essentially a lot of people that I'm not understanding their motivation behind requesting my friendship. So I got to wondering how y'all handle it. I have accepted requests from folks who are authors if they write in a genre I'm interested in. I've accepted if we have books in common on our shelves. It's just that I feel the need to be pickier at this point - I want to understand why the request was sent because if we don't read the same things, are we really going to connect? If not, it's just adding clutter to my feed.

How do y'all feel? Am I being ridiculous? Am I even making sense?!?

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