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New Release Review ~ Right Where We Belong ~ Brenda Novak (@BrendaNovak) #2017NewRelease

Right Where We Belong (Silver Springs, #4)Right Where We Belong by Brenda Novak
Silver Springs #4
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author. This did not affect my rating and my review is provided voluntarily.
Rating: 4 Bookworms
Challenges: #2017NewRelease

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak returns to Silver Springs with a moving story about rebuilding your life when you've got nothing left to lose.

Savanna Gray needs a do-over. Her "perfect" life unraveled when, to her absolute shock, her husband was arrested for attacking three women. With her divorce settled, she takes her two children home to Silver Springs to seek refuge between the walls of the farmhouse where she was born. It needs a little TLC, but she's eager to take control of something.

Gavin Turner understands the struggle of starting over. Abandoned at a gas station when he was five, it wasn't until he landed at New Horizons Boys Ranch as a teen that he finally found some peace. He steps up when Savanna needs help fixing things--even when those things go beyond the farmhouse.

Despite an escalating attraction to Gavin, Savanna resolves to keep her distance. She trusted her ex, who had a similarly tragic background, and is unwilling to repeat her past mistakes. But it's hard to resist a man whose heart is as capable as his hands.

It was so nice to sit down with my friends in Silver Springs. Not only did I get better acquainted with Gavin, I was introduced to a new neighbor in Savanna as well as getting to spend a little time with Eli and Aiyana. A treat all around. 

Gavin came to New Horizons via a wretched childhood where his father allowed his stepmother to abandon and beat him. His foster family wasn't much of an improvement. But Aiyana Turner gave him the love he needed to overcome all that and find some peace. So it was disheartening that someone he was somewhat involved with would take advantage of his past to affect his future. Especially when he'd only just met Savanna.

Savanna came to Silver Springs to escape a very ugly and public set of circumstances. She's closed the door on that part of her life but meeting Gavin wasn't part of her plan.

Both Gavin and Savanna have every reason to be commitment-phobic, particularly Savanna. Imagine finding out the person you've shared your life with, had children with, was capable of such violence. But there was something between them that immediately clicked. They tried to talk themselves out of starting anything but it seemed fated. All they had going on individually though would have made most mortals run in the opposite direction so it was testament to their strong connection that they "stuck".

I loved watching Gavin and Savanna together. They had some great moments of fun banter as well as some serious romance. Gavin's honesty was refreshing as was Savanna's actually. Neither seemed averse to telling the other how they felt even if they did, on occasion, leave out a few details for the other's protection. The villainous supporting cast was very well done. I honestly couldn't stand any of them and that Novak developed them well enough to evoke such strong negative emotion says a lot. On the flip side, watching Eli and Aiyana conspire together in matchmaking efforts was fun and seeing Savanna and Gavin with Savanna's kids was heartwarming.

The only drawbacks were due to a few places where my suspension of disbelief was stretched a bit. Otherwise, Novak delivered a well-crafted story with characters so well drawn I both loved some and hated some. I'll be looking forward to my next visit in Silver Springs.

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