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**Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ The Light in the Wound ~ Christine Brae**

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The Light in the Wound
Author: Christine Brae
Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction
Release date: July 23, 2013

Book Summary

Affected by her parents’ highly publicized divorce, Isabel grows up isolated and alone, with a resolve to never fall in love and repeat their mistakes.

When Jesse Cain enters her life, she falls hopelessly in love with him, and every sadness she’s ever felt is washed away by his intensity and passion. But people change as they grow up. Things can never stay the Jesse and Isabel fight to stay together, determined to hold on to what they once had. Isabel wonders if a second love can ever be enough to make her forget her first.

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My Review

I devoured this book! The Light in the Wound is utterly captivating. Isa's story is so touching and it's beautifully rendered. All the characters are deftly drawn. Isa's story resonates deeply with me. 

"This was me. Cautious, methodical. Afraid of the unknown. Always."

Isa's journey toward self-discovery is a long and arduous one considering the obstacles she has to overcome. But it's a beautiful thing to witness her come into her own - for her to see how own worth and make choices based on what's best for her. Seeing her flourish when she chooses real love is breathtaking. Also seeing how every experience a person has - from dysfunctional family members to love - help to shape who we become.

"There is something to be said about a child's loyalty to her mother, no matter what the circumstance may be. There is unconditional love that forgives no matter how much hurt is thrown your way."
"I loved her, but I swore to never be like her."

Isa's relationship with her mother is not an easy one. When Isa's parents divorce, Isa is sent to live with her mother's parents. From that point on, Isa doesn't spend much time with her mother. Her mother tends to prioritize her many suitors and husbands over her children. And from a very young age, Isa has always been compared to her mother. Isa doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps where love is concerned.

Alex and Jesse, the two men in Isa's life, are vastly different men. With one, Isa always knows where she stands. With the other, she's constantly vying for his attention. One loves her for who she is. The other wants her to change for selfish reasons. They do each love Isa in their own way though. I don't want to say a lot of either man because I can't without being spoiler-y or swaying you with my opinions. I will say that, in my opinion, Isa made the right choice and although it took her a long time to get there, I understood her reasons.

"You're the first man that saw me and loved me for who I really am. You encourage me to be myself, you're happy when I succeed, you love my crazy family."

That Isa matured enough to realize the differences between the love of these two men was impressive. I think once she realized these differences, her decision was made. It wasn't an easy choice but she knew to which man her heart truly belonged. 

But Isa's story isn't only about finding love. She must also learn to deal with the impact her parents' tumultuous marriage and subsequent divorce had on her. The fallout from the divorce had a significant effect on Isa, and her sisters. It affected her relationships with family and with boys. The divorce marked the beginning of her conflict avoidance and desire to make people happy - to make them love her.

"Somehow, the glimpse into my parents' truth had strengthened my resolve to never settle for anybody who didn't love me enough to make me a priority."

Obviously, this book made an impression on me. It was deeply moving. If you're looking for a complex story, rich with detail and finely crafted characters, I highly recommend The Light in the Wound.

**I received an ecopy of this book, as part of the tour, in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. The Light in the Wound does seem like a great, heartfelt story. It's clear that you were really pulled into the story and the emotions. Great review, Brandee!

    1. Oh Andrea, I think this is a book you'd love. :)

  2. It looks like a very deep story for sure. So glad you loved it as much as you did. Her route to love and the effects of divorce looks like it was handled well and delivered into a well-told story. Fantastic Review! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. It is deep, for sure Jaclyn. But it drew me in and I couldn't put it down. It was fabulous! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  3. Can't wait to read this! I have heard from MANY people that it is one of the best books they've read this year :-)

  4. WOW, this sounds like it's going to be quite an emotional read. I'm really looking forward to it because I'm ready for a deep one that will draw me in and keep hold of me.


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