Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Brandee's Bookish Babble #24 ~ Commenting Woes

Welcome to Brandee's Bookish Babble. There are many, many similar posts to this one - but basically I wanted a place to discuss bookish and/or blogging stuff and I needed a title. :) So this is my new discussion feature.


Are any of you who use Blogger and a second party commenting app experiencing issues with people being able to comment? I use Disqus and I chose it because:
  1. I was getting so many spam comments and Blogger's solutions only served to cause more problems
  2. I liked Disqus' quick and easy response - I liked using it on others' blogs and it made for easier replying
  3. I had encountered a few problems with Comment Luv on others' blogs so I chose Disqus

BUT... I'm having issues. I've had blogging friends unable to leave comments or even see the comment section. *gasp* What?? Earlier this year, I researched problems with Disqus. I thought maybe it had to do with servers in foreign countries so I made a change to my HTML code and it seemed to help. However, the issue reappeared again, so... That I'm aware of, this issue has only affected international peeps. If you're in the US and have experienced problems commenting on my blog, could you let me know, please? And if you're a Blogger/Disqus user, are you having any issues? Anyone know a solution??

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