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Audio Review ~ For 100 Nights ~ Lara Adrian #AudioChallenge #2017NewRelease

For 100 NightsFor 100 Nights by Lara Adrian
100 Series #2
Narrated bySummer Morton
Release Date: January 16, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from Tantor Audio. This did not affect my rating and my review is voluntarily provided. 
Rating: 3.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #AudioChallenge, #2017NewRelease

Avery Ross is living a dream. After struggling all of her life to make ends meet, a chance meeting with a powerful, darkly handsome man has catapulted her into a dazzling new world of penthouse luxury, elegant parties, and a wild, consuming passion with her billionaire lover, Dominic Baine. Nothing is out of his reach in business or in pleasure, yet the only woman he wants is her. Nick sweeps her to sensual heights she has never dared explore, commanding her body the same way he commands her heart. Yet Avery knows the fantasy she's living cannot last. With dark secrets and a dangerous enemy haunting her past, Avery must find a way to trust Nick with the truth before it destroys everything they share. But Nick is harboring secrets of his own as well. And when they come to light, Avery will be forced to decide if the love she feels for Nick is strong enough to endure a betrayal she may never be able to forgive. Contains mature themes.

So For 100 Nights picks up where For 100 Days ended, continuing Nick and Avery's story. While I'm still invested in the outcome, there was something missing in this installment for me.

Nick made a deal with Avery - for every day they'd been together on her terms, he got a night on his terms. Since Avery's housesitting gig is up, this means she's essentially living with and being supported by Nick. This was something that was hard for me to swallow since Avery's a strong, independent woman who's been taking care of herself for awhile. But whatever.

Things seem to be going well for them as individuals as well as a couple. Nick has a pet project that's gotten approval and Avery's art seems to be reaching new heights. As a couple they're getting closer and seemingly stronger. But there are still so many secrets and something from Avery's past is haunting her - literally.

Okay, there were a lot of things I liked about For 100 Nights. With the exception of them keeping things from each other, I really like Nick and Avery together. Their chemistry is explosive and For 100 Nights has lots of steamy good times. I liked Avery's friend, Tasha, and her new artist friends. I liked seeing a compassionate side of Nick. But there were things I didn't like - mostly that I felt Nick used sex where words would have been better. And the past - things were too easily resolved.

And then that ending! Wowza!! I honestly didn't see that coming. I had inklings but nothing to this magnitude. I'm eager to see where these two land.

This is only a 3.5 star read because while I like my steam, I like it as a side dish to the story. And while For 100 Nights had story, it seemed to arrive late. In my opinion.

Summer Morton once again impressed me with her delivery, voices, and pacing. And the steam, y'all! The steam!! *fans self* I'll be checking out her other work. 

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