Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts ~ Just One Lie by Kyra Davis

This week's quote is from Just One Lie and I had to share it because I'm thinking I may have found a neat drink to try on New Year's...or anytime I feel like it! ;)


The ocean looks like a giant black shadow, roaring for us as we find a little corner of beach to sit on, the champagne and brown bag held in Ash's hand. He reaches inside and pulls out two plastic flutes and a small bottle of vodka.
"Vodka?" I ask as he pours a shot into each glass.
"Not quite as cold as I'd like," he admits as he expertly loosens the cage around the cork of the champagne and then opens the bottle with only the slightest pop so he doesn't spill a drop. "The champagne will take care of the temperature." In a moment he's filled the rest of our glasses with bubbly. "It's called an Arctic Kiss," he says with a little smile before lifting his flute and handing me mine. "What should be drink to? New beginnings?"
"To new discoveries," I counter.
"To passion!" he rallies, making a game of it.
"Umm..." I struggle to come up with something new. And then I look out at the dark sea. How can something be so ominous and so enticing at the same time? My lips curl into a sad little smile as I clink my plastic glass against his. "To the end of the world."

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