Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Reservations

No Reservations (Bad Girls Know #1)Title: No Reservations
Series: Bad Girls Know #1
Author: Lilly Cain
Genre: Contemporary Romance

* I received this book for free from NetGalley.

Synopsis from GoodReads:
Travis Morgan is thrilled to encounter the one woman who's never failed to get his blood pumping. Seeing Alicia Davis again brings it all back: their fierce academic rivalry, and the fact that he never followed through on his erotic fantasies about her.

Alicia can't resist Travis's smoldering sensuality—or the opportunity to finally bed the man who starred in so many of her lustful daydreams in college. Unable to avoid the temptation to best Travis one more time, Alicia plans to submit to one night of pure pleasure and then leave Travis empty-handed and craving more.

When Travis wakes up and realizes Alicia's played him, the gloves are off, and the game heats up as they each try to emerge on top—by whatever means necessary...


Well, I wanted to start off the new year with some lighter reading and luckily I found exactly that! No Reservations was a darling little romp of a read...cute, quick and hot

Travis and Alicia went to college together where they often competed against one another in everything from class projects to drinking games. They never went beyond this competition, however. And now, when they unexpectedly land in each others' lives several years later, Alicia sees Travis as a regret that she'd like to rectify. Travis, too, always wished he'd made his move on Alicia and is more than willing to engage her in a few rounds...but the stakes are much higher than in college...

I enjoyed the story line and the love scenes were well done. It was well written and engaging but I was left wanting more. I realize this was only a novella and therefore short, but I wanted more character development as well as relationship development. This is part of a series, so perhaps I will get more about Travis and Alicia? Still, I really enjoyed it and will read Ms. Caine again.

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  1. It was definitely worth reading but I do hope to see more of them. :)


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