Thursday, March 27, 2014

**#COYER & #Jumble Your Genres Review ~ Silver Shark ~ Ilona Andrews**

Yep, I'm killing two birds with one stone. :) BUT not only did a clean off a book that's been on my ereader forever AND read an urban fantasy, I also got to read Ilona Andrews...and it's been far, far too long! :)

Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews
Kinsmen #2
Release Date: September 16, 2011
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Science Fiction
Source: Free download EONS AGO! :)
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

Claire Shannon is a Kinsman, a woman gifted with enhanced mental capabilities. Her skills and her life were taken over by the military to fight in war that has raged on her home planet for decades. But as the war ends, she is forced to hide her abilities in order to make a new life for herself as a civilian. It's a new persona, a new planet and a new job that has her crossing paths with the powerful and alluring Venturo Escana. Is she strong enough to hide her true nature from her perceptive new boss? And as they grow closer, will she even still want to try?

It's been quite awhile since I immersed myself in an incredible world created by the Andrews. It was so satisfying to be back. :)

Silver Shark is the second in the Andrews' Kinsmen series but can be read as standalone. It provides extra background into psychers, which are one branch of the Kinsmen.

In Silver Shark, we get the story of Claire Shannon, a native to the plant Uley. She's been involved in a war between two rival corporations for the past eight years, as a high-ranking psycher. When the war abruptly ends, she finds herself making a new life on the planet Rada. 

Venturo Escana, Claire's new boss, is a psycher almost as powerful as she is. Unfortunately, she must hide her abilities from him. Venturo is from a powerful Rada family and takes a unique interest in Claire.

Although we spend little time on Uley, the differences described between its landscape and that of Rada, as seen through Claire's eyes, are remarkable. The Andrews created a vivid world where I was able to picture all the colors and buildings shaped as flowers. I enjoyed the details on the abilities of psychers as well. The things they can do with their minds are astounding. I also appreciated the character development of Claire and Ven - so well done in so few pages. We get to see that both Claire and Ven are talented, powerful, and extremely loyal people. They also happen to be hot for one another! ;)

The excitement and tension provided through Claire hiding herself, seeing Rada via Claire, and her attempts at repaying a debt to a fellow refugee was all I could have hoped for. The description of the inner - and outer - workings of a psychers mind was fascinating. And, of course, the sexual tension between Claire and Ven was quite fun.

I so enjoyed my return to Ilona Andrews. And I am anxious to finish this series as well as pick back up with their other series as well.


  1. Sexual tension is a must. I have to add this series. Ilona Andrews rocks (I treat the writing duo as a singular she, that's what they get for using a singular name for two people). Good job knocking out a neglected ebook for COYER. I've done one review so far. Terrible! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday, Brandee!!

  2. Now here's an author I've been meaning to try and just haven't made the time for yet. I'm glad you enjoyed!

  3. I am a big fan of Ilona Andrews, although, I have only read the books relating to Kate Daniels!! I just love that world so much!
    I think I'd enjoy this series too. I should try it... when I have time! lol I am intrigued by Uley and Clare. She sounds liek a fun character to read about! Great review Brandee!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. bah I have not read anything by Andrews, but her books sound very amazing.


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