Saturday, March 8, 2014

**Sidekick Showcase #34 ~ Achievement**

Sidekick Showcase (previously known as Sidekick Saturday) is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Jaclyn at JC's Book Haven. There are many secondary characters that are as great as the primaries. In some cases, the sidekicks actually steal the show and you like them better than the heroine or hero. Maybe they didn't have enough page time for how great they were. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Choose a sidekick *or someone other than the hero or heroine* that you would like to put in the spotlight that fits in this week's type

• Share a picture (if possible) and information about the character
• Give the title and author of a book the character can be found in
• Please don't include too many spoilers when describing why the character is such a great sidekick
• Put your link in the Linky thing and comment

March's themes revolve around the Oscars and St. Patrick's Day. I managed to come up with another Oscar-related theme. 

My theme is Lifetime Achievement ~ in Bitchiness 

My choice of character: 
Queen Andais
from Laurell K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry Series

Queen Andais is one ruthless ruler. Also known as the Queen of Air & Darkness, she is said to be able to hear anything said in the dark as well as being able to suck the air from a room. She placed a geas of celibacy on her Ravens (her guard). They have, therefore, spent hundreds, even thousands of years celibate. She is a sexual sadist and loves to torture and draw blood. Andais is most likely insane and most of the fae fear her rather than respect her.

Queen Andais is Merry Gentry's aunt. Andais, since she's infertile, promised her throne to whichever of her heir produces offspring first. She has a preferred heir, and it's not Merry. 

She pulled his head back until his spine bowed and I knew she could snap his neck with just a little more pressure. "That is hardly punishment enough, niece, He disobeyed a direct order of mine. That is not allowed." - Queen Andais, A Kiss of Shadows
"Begging is not done on your feet, Meredith." - Queen Andais, A Stroke of Midnight
"I had not felt such a rush of battle madness for centuries. It felt so good. Every wound, every harm I caused made the bloodlust grow. I'd forgotten how amazingly good it felt to slaughter, not for effect, or information, or to invoke fear, but simply for the love of it. Whoever did the spell knew my powers intimately." -Queen Andais, Seduced by Moonlight


  1. I haven't read Merry Gentry Series, just Anita Blake, but I've always been curious about it. After this Oscar-related theme I think I'll put it to my TBR pile ;)
    Have a lovely weekend, Brandee!!

    1. I've only read 3 of the Anita books, Silvia. I started with Merry first. But if you like Anita, I have a feeling you'll like Merry as well. :) I hope you're having a great week!

  2. I had to have read this series, but my goodness I don't remember much about it except a character named Merry that's in place to be heir. Maybe I only read the first book. Do you enjoy the series? The Queen sounds deliciously horrible. I love really good villains. Also, this is why I enjoy the broad themes so much - watching the titles that you guys come up with. Lifetime Achievement Award - in Bitchiness?? Epic :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. You're right with the basic premise, Jaclyn. I did enjoy the series although I think by the end, I was kinda over it...and by it, I mean 'it'! *blushes* Queen Andais was horrible and a whole lot of wicked fun, though. I'm glad you enjoyed my theme. Hopefully I can amaze you again next week! ;)

  3. I cracked up at your category! I love the "Begging is not done on your feet, Meredith." Man, I'd love to say shit like that without cracking up or snorting. I read a tiny bit of this series and there was about a dozen different creatures in the span of a few pages doing wicked things. I was very confused. Awesome sidekick post!! Happy weekend, Brandee!

    1. Right? Yeah, Queen Andais is one bitchy queen. But I loved her scenes, for the most part anyway. :) Yes, very wicked things are done in this book, Robyn. In excess. Like I told Jaclyn, by the end of the series, I was kinda over 'it' but it is a series that I completed. :) I hope you're having a fab week so far, girlie!!

  4. Hahaha! I love your topic, Brandee! I haven't read this series, but have heard so much about Anita and her men. Thanks for sharing!

    1. *grins* Thanks, Andrea. I've actually only read the first 3 in Anita's series because I started with Merry's. But it's good...wickedly good! *ha*


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