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#TravelingtoTerminus New(er) Release Review ~ Mr. Mysterious ~ JA Huss

Mr. Mysterious (Mister, #4)Mr. Mysterious by JA Huss

Misters #4
Release Date: October 12, 2016
Genre: Adult, Romantic Suspense
Source: Purchased on Kindle
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #2016NewRelease
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Paxton Vance isn't as cryptic as he thinks. That broody nature and tough-guy exterior aren't fooling me one bit.

I know everything about him. I listen in on his most personal phone calls. I read his mail before he does. I even know what his mother got him for Christmas last year.

You're the man of my dreams, Paxton Vance. You just don't know it yet.

But don't worry, I'll remind you. I'm here to give you everything you need, before you know you need it.

So don't get defensive because I take a challenge seriously. You have to open up to someone, and that someone is me.

Besides, you can't stay Mr. Mysterious forever. Why play the game if you never want to win?

I read this installment at a much slower pace (not by choice) than I usually read Huss books and I actually felt I was able to savor it, ruminate on revelations and ponder where things might be headed. And I think Mr. Mysterious might be my favorite Mister. *wink*

Paxton Vance is an interesting Mister. I still don't feel like I know him all that well but what I do know, I admire. He kinda made lemonade out of the lemons life gave him. He's as loyal as they come, someone you want at your back even if I had doubts at time - and even if he's slept with your baby sister. *wink*

Cinderella Shrike! Her story is quirky and hilarious. She's a Shrike so she's touch and devious and maybe a little crazy. Also more than a little determined. She set her sights on Pax and went at him balls th the wall. As as aside, she has this quirk where she narrates her life - out loud - and I just loved it!

As for what's going on with the mysteries surrounding the Misters - well, there were some revelations regarding all that. Some questions were answered - more here than in any of the previous installments - but in typical Huss-style, more questions were posed. And I honestly still have no idea who's behind the shit that's going on. I can't wait to find out though and Oliver's book, Mr. Match, promises to be epic!

Julie, in the EOBS you said that some people may read you because your sentence structure is simple. I read you because you always give me a story that will stick with me - roll around in my brain wondering what I may have missed - for quite awhile. Your characters are always complex - usually much deeper than they appear - and always have a compelling story. Your worlds, whether set local to me, in another state, or on another planet, are always well-crafted - so much so that I can "see" them in my mind's eye. I love the suspense, the mind-fuck, the clues and red herrings - gah! I love the interconnections of so many of your stories because I always but always appreciate more time with these people, in their worlds. Your sentence structure may be simple, although I don't agree, but your writing is anything but. And I love it...and you!!

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