Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #54

My pick this week is from:

The Best Man's Baby by Karen Booth

"Unless you want to find a sit-down restaurant, your options are chain fast food or biscuits."
Ooh. The dilapidated sign for Sunset Biscuit Kitchen was straight ahead. It'd been years since she'd eaten there. It wasn't exactly camera-friendly cuisine, but her pregnant appetite had her salivating at the thought of their fluffy, buttery pieces of heaven. "Biscuits."
"I was hoping you'd say that." Logan pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, which was really more like a shack, with a battleship-gray exterior and a faded red roof. There was no drive-thought or dining room - just a walk-up window and if memory served, lightening-fast service. "The usual? Fried chicken biscuit and a hash brown?"
"How do you remember this stuff?"
"I remember everything."
That was indeed her standard, very unhealthy order. But she wanted more than that. "Can you also get me a sausage and egg biscuit? And an extra biscuit with honey? You know. Just in case."
Logan nodded and smiled. "I like this whole pregnant and hungry thing. It's adorable."

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