Thursday, July 10, 2014

**When Life's Kicking You Butt, How About a Theme Song ~ July**

**When Life's Kicking Your Butt...How About a Theme Song?**
My pal, Robyn, over at robgirlbooks, issued a challenge for the year. She wants us to come up with a song - one a month - that we turn to when life is getting us down...when we need a pick-me-up...the song we turn to when trying to get motivated for cleaning the house...the song we hear when we need inspiration...well, you get the picture. :) At the end of the year, we'll have quite the playlist for life!

This month, the theme is Love ~ any song that makes you think of L-O-V-E. This was a fun theme - especially for my kids. ;)

My Pick (I'm channeling my inner Rock Chick ;)

James' Pick

Sky's Pick

Berk's Pick

Jax's Pick


  1. All the picks are terrific, but I love Clapton!!! Have a great weekend Brandee!

  2. How does Sky come up with her picks? I'm still shaking my head. I remember when I was a kid sitting in the hotel room in Japan and watching stuff like that whenever I turned on the TV. Everything was so bright and alive, even the soda commercials were like that. I love Eric Clapton. I definitely feel like I should be making out with a member of the Hot Brigade when I hear a Clapton song. Great Rock Chick choice. You got James to participate. Love the song. Since I'm a movie girl, I love Berk's pick (even more than the movie). And All You Need is Love is classic!


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