Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Release Day Review ~ Dream Magic ~ Michelle Mankin

Dream Magic (Magic #2)Dream Magic by Michelle Mankin
Magic Series #2
Release Date: June 7, 2016
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: Purchased on kindle (I also had the pleasure of beta reading this installment)
Rating: 5 Bookworms
Challenges: #2016NewRelease
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The dreamscape is a place of magic and mystery and meaning. In that nocturnal realm, ideas, images, sensations and emotions drift on the currents of the unconscious mind.
Morpheus the Dream Falcon is most at home in that domain. By night, the one of a kind winged immortal soars on those winds, observing and sometimes even entering the slumbering thoughts of another. By day, he is a highly sought after mercenary feared by his immortal kin for both his unmatched ferocity and his wicked obsidian talons. None of his prey escapes him.
Cecilia Ramirez y Aguilera is the one her truly wants. But the striking oracle of the Court of the Light Immortals is closed to the handsome outlaw, even in her dreams. Broken by unimaginable losses, the seer is but a slave, subject to the whims of a master who is mad and without mercy.
Drawn together by fate, their impossible passion ignites. But will that be enough given the dangerous secrets each keeps from the other? Or will mistrust and the desire for revenge threaten to unravel the powerful magic that binds them?

Dream Magic is the continuing story of the characters from Strange Magic and introduces a new set of characters as well. Like Strange Magic, Dream Magic has it's own plotline but it also ties into an over-arching plotline. Therefore, Strange Magic *must* be read first.

In Dream Magic, we're introduced to Cecilia, "Ceci", and her sister, Millie. They have interesting parentage and are blessed with interesting abilities. Certain events occur whereby the sisters, due to their abilities, are taken prisoner. They are held in the Court of the Light Immortals, and there are witness to parts of their world that their parents tried to shield them from. While at court, the sisters make many new friends and possibly some enemies. And Ceci meets Morpheus, the Dream Falcon. 

Mankin did an excellent job in crafting a fascinating story revolving around mythology: the different gods, both dark and light, evil and good. It was exciting but also relevant in its messages. I very much enjoyed seeing Morpheus, Thyme, Billy, and Bacchus again but I also liked how Mankin meshed the two stories with the introduction of new characters. All of Mankin's characters are well fleshed out, the mythology was used well, and the story was solid. I was pulled into the story in the first few pages and was loathe to put it down. Mankin tossed my emotions in different directions - one minute, I was gasping, the next cheering. I laughed and I cried. I was biting my nails in anticipation of what would happen next. I was enthralled with Ceci and Morpheus' story and enchanted when Billy and Thyme's story intertwined with theirs. 

Obviously, I adored Dream Magic. I may have liked it even more than Strange Magic. The ending was shocking in several ways and I'm more than eager for Twisted Magic, the conclusion to this trilogy. Ms. Mankin, write faster! :D

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