Thursday, June 2, 2016

That's What HE Said #63 ~ Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #44

That's What He Said is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies @Chapter Break. Here's the deal: every Thursday, post a line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind, these are direct quotes from dialog in the books. The quote doesn't have to be romantic - just something our hunky hero said to his lucky lady. Be sure to link up over at Chapter Break as well.

My pick this week for That's What He Said is once again from:

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley


"I'm gonna piss you off 'cause I can be a dick. That's who I am. And you're gonna piss me off 'cause, babe, you got attitude. That's who you are. And that's who we're comin' out to be together. And I'm all right with because, with what I had before, even when you're a bitch, I like it. But when you're not, it's a sweetness the like I've never tasted."


I spied the coffee ship and fairly shouted, "La-La Land!"
Tate's head turned to me. "Come again?"
"Stop. Park. Coffee. Orgasmic bread. Now," I demanded.
"Orgasmic bread?" Tate asked.
"Tate, you're passing it!" I cried desperately as we went past, my head turning to watch the shop through the window. "Park!"
Tate braked and swing into a parking spot three doors down from La-La Land. He barely had the ignition switched off before I had the door open, hopped down, slammed the door shut, and was motoring.
I ignored this, focused on processing my disappointment that Shambles had yet to hit on a chocolate theme at the same time surveying the case seeing lemon drizzle cake, lemon squares, and lemon curd-filled cupcakes and wondering what I was going to order.
I looked at Shambles. "What do you recommend?"
"Um...," Shambles mumbled, still eyeing Tate, still not quite certain how his judgment would come down.
"That's hard," Sunny put in. "Shambles is a master with lemon."
After she imparted this knowledge, I stared at her. Then, knowing what it meant, I ordered, "I'll take one of anything with lemon in it."

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