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Audio Review ~ Your Forever Love ~ Layla Hagan #AudioChallenge #ShelfLove #TakeControlTBR

Your Forever LoveYour Forever Love by Layla Hagen
The Bennett Family #3
Narrated byJeremy York and Kendall Taylor
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from Tantor Media
Rating: 3.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #AudioChallenge, #ShelfLove, #TakeControlTBR

Eric Callahan is a powerful man, and his sharp business sense has earned him the nickname Shark. Yet under this facade is a man who loves his daughter and would do anything for her. When he and his daughter move to San Francisco for three months, he has one things in mind: expanding his business. As a widower, Eric is not looking for love. He focuses on his company, and his daughter - until he meets Pippa Bennett. She captivates him from the moment he sets eyes on her. Pippa Bennett knows she should stay away from Eric Callahan. After going through a rough divorce, she doesn't trust men anymore. But there's something about him that draws her in. He has a body made for sin, and a sense of humor that matches hers. Not to mention seeing how adorable he is with his daughter melts her walls one by one. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but it's the connection that grows deeper every day that has them wondering if love might be within reach. When it's time for Eric and his daughter to go home, will he give up on the woman who has captured his heart or do everything he can to remain by her side?

Pippa Bennett has been the driving force behind all the matchmaking in the Bennett family - as evidenced by Sebastian's wedding and Logan's engagement - so it was fun to see the tables turned on her.

Pippa hasn't had it easy in love - the only one to have married and then divorced in the Bennett clan. Her ex was a real piece of work - marrying her for her money - and he did a number of her self-confidence.

Eric Callahan is the CEO of his family's company and considered a shark in the business world. But outside of the office, he's a softie. Oh, he's all alphas but when it comes to his daughter, he melts with a look. He's a single dad, having lost his wife. Since then, he's devoted his life to his daughter and his business.

Neither Pippa nor Eric want anything to do with love or romance but when it comes to the other they can't seem to help themselves.

I enjoyed watching Pippa and Eric's second chance at love - the fall was sweet. I loved that the Bennett clan was present and we got to spend time with them. And I adored Eric's daughter Julie. It's always a joy when children are incorporated into a story and although she could have played a more prominent role, I didn't feel she was a gratuitous addition.

For all their reasons for avoiding romance, I felt Pippa maybe gave in a bit too easily while I was agreeing with Eric's mom in that he needed to pull his head out. There was also a little more predictability in this installment but it was still a fun read.

Jeremy York and Kendall Taylor did well with the narration, even with Julie's 12 year old voice. They both handled the multiple voices of the cast well, kept the pacing even, and infused the story with the proper emotions.

Overall, I'm still a Bennett Family fan...I'm eager to watch the rest of them fall. On to Your Inescapable Love

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