Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #63 ~ Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre

I recently binged on Alessandra Torre's Innocence trilogy. This particular scene is from Blindfolded Innocence, the first in the trilogy. It made me laugh...because I could so relate! *wink* See, Julia doesn't like seafood...


The bottom rung of the silver tower was empty when they had delivered it, but was now being filled with the empty lobster and crab claw shells.
Light bulb.
Fifteen minutes later, Brad sat back with a satisfied groan. "I have been dreaming of those claws for weeks." He met my eyes with a Cheshire grin. "Well? Was I right or what?" I smiled at him over the champagne and empty plate.
"It was very good, Brad. Thank you."
"I don't know how you look so put together. I always feel like I need a bath after eating this stuff." He wiped his face with his napkin and pulled at his bib, breaking the plastic tie. "Should we get another or do you want to go ahead and order dinner?"
"Dinner, please," I said quickly. Brad's eyes looked at me for a moments, then he shrugged. "Sounds good to me."
The waiter appeared and began pulling the silver trays off of the tower, starting with the top tray. Uh-oh. I had anticipated them taking the entire tower at one time, as they had brought it to us. My mind raced with something to distract Brad with.
Shrimp platter gone.
"I was thinking Brad..."
Clams and oysters level gone.
"...maybe tonight, after the show..."
Lobster level taken.
"...we could, ahhh..." Don't look down!!
The large silver platter that had housed the tangled pile of Snow and King Crab legs was lifted, exposing the plate of empty shells. Empty shells and expensive meat of crab and lobster I had carefully hidden under the guise of placing my shells in the plate. The meat, which had been strategically hidden from the side view, was now fully-exposed, crab and lobster stretched out like bathing beauties on South Beach.

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