Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#COYER Summer Reading List Challenge Sign Up Post


Y'all. I'm so excited about the #COYER Summer Reading List ChallengeAs per usual, this challenge is hosted by Michelle @Because Reading, Berls @Fantasy is More Fun, and Stormi @Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! 

This summer, we can read whatever format and price point we want. AND we have options for how we participate. Here are the rules in a nutshell. For detailed information on the challenge, click the graphic above or here

Two Ways to Participate

  1. Just simply COYER. Read all the books. Any price, any format. 
  2. Reading List. Create a reading list of 30 books.
General Rules
  1. Challenge starts at midnight June 17 and runs to midnight September 8.
  2. Read any format - ebook, physical, audio, library book.
  3. Create a sign up post sometime between now and August 1. Make sure to state which way you're participating.
  4. Link up your sign up post!
  5. If you're joining the Summer Reading List, create a list of 30 books on a Goodreads shelf or on your blog. You don't have to read them all but you do have to read from those 30.
  6. You have until June 17th to create your list. Once COYER begins, you can't change your list. You CAN add 5 more books to the list for every 5 books you read - this is for us mood readers. ;)
  7. The last grand prize giveaway will be the number of books you read.
  8. Have fun!
There will be prizes, Twitter parties, Instagram challenges, and Read-a-thons! There's a Facebook group as well! This is such a fun way to clean off your ereader(s) and TBR shelves! I hope you'll join me in the fun.


Because my summer schedule is gonna be so hectic with travel, I'm going with simple #COYER this time around. All the books I can read, no matter the format, no matter the cost. :D 

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