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**Character Interview ~ Brooks & Laura ~ Destiny Ever-Changing**

Hi y'all. If you've read my review of Tasha Ivey's Destiny Ever-changing, you might have noticed I kinda liked it! :) If you haven't read my review, you can scroll down. :) 

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Brooks and Laura Tucker (Brooks Tucker and Laura Carey), the two main characters from Destiny Ever-changing. Stick with me here - we're doing a bit of time-travel. :) I'm interviewing Brooks and Laura 2 years into the future. Let's see how their lives have progressed....

BB: Hi, Brooks & Laura. Thanks so much for joining me today.

Brooks: Thanks for having us, Brandee.
Laura: We're so excited to be here.

BB: Can I ask how married life is treating you?

Brooks: Married life is awesome and it certainly has some perks.
Laura: *nudges Brooks & shares a secretive smile* Yeah, awesome describes it well. Except for the last few weeks...I've been a little hormonal.

BB: Ohh - *nods knowingly* Is your party of 2 going to become a party of 3?

Laura: Brooks, do  you want to tell her what we did yesterday?
Brooks: *beams with pride* Okay, so do you know about our special place? Our cave?

BB: Yes, I know about your cave.

Brooks: Well, yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary, and it's sort of become our tradition to go there to celebrate and remember all that we've been through, and how we got there.
Laura: And Brooks like to go there to make out.
Brooks: Well, that too. *Brooks winks* Anyway, Laura asked me if I wanted to go, so we did. We sat down at our usual spot and looked over to the painted hearts, like we always do. And I noticed something was a little different. I asked Laura if it looked weird to her, and she just shrugged, so I knew something was up.
Laura: *laughing* And it only took him 20 minutes of looking at it to realize something was different.
Brooks: Anyway...I got up to check it out, and realized our heart had something different on it. It still said "Laura and Brooks" but underneath it said "+1".
Laura: So, to answer your question, Brandee. Yes, we're having a baby. I'm about 2 months pregnant! We told Nana last night and she's been sewing all day! She's so excited!

BB: Aww...*wipes under eye* That's so sweet. Congratulations! I'm so excited for y'all. I can only imagine how excited your Nana is...and all the things she'll be sewing! :) When will you break the news to your parents, Brooks? And how will having a baby change things for the two of you?

Brooks: My dad, Will and Ashton are at our house, as we speak. We're breaking the news to them tonight during dinner. My mom won't be making it, but I'll call her and let her know after that. 
Laura: I can't wait for everyone to find out about the baby! To be honest, I don't think the baby will change things much for us. Brooks works from home, and I don't work. So that's one less thing to worry about. He does have to travel some, but Nana will be around to help me out.
Brooks: I can't wait. Not many men would admit it, but I've always looked forward to this time of my life...finding the woman who makes me whole and having a family.

BB: *sits back up in chair after swooning* Ahem...Well, Brooks, I bet your parents will be thrilled. And I bet Aunt Ashton will be happy to babysit! :) Laura, you're so lucky to have your Nana to help. I bet she's making plans to feed you a lot! :) Will y'all share your special spot with your child - and explain the significance of it?

Laura: We'll have no shortage of help...or 
food, that is for sure! Just like Brooks' dad took him to the cave a lot as a child, I'm sure that will happen with us, too. I mean, we still go there quite a bit, so I'm sure the baby will go with us. And when he or she is old enough to understand, we'll show them the journal and tell them the stories.
Brooks: Well, if it's a girl, she'll never know about it. I'm sure I won't need any more reasons to worry about my teenage daughter with access to a secret hideaway. No way.

BB: *smirks* Spoken like an overprotective dad...already! In what ways do you think your experiences will help you in guiding your son or daughter onto their path? Or will you be more like you Nana, Laura, and let them "sort it out" on their own?

Brooks: An overprotective DAD? *stars in his eyes* I AM going to be a dad, aren't I?

Laura: Yes, sweetheart, you are. *shakes head and laughs* The main thing I've learned from everything that happened with us is to follow your heart. It knows what you want and what will make you happy. It's just that sometimes you have to fight for it. That's what I'll teach my children.
Brooks: Children?
Laura: *again laughs patting Brooks' shoulder* We're starting with just one, or at least I think so.

BB: *giggles* One last thing and I'll let you guys go...before we give Brooks an aneurysm :) Laura, if you could talk to your mom right now, what would you say and what do you think she'd say to you?

Laura: That's a tough question. If I could say anything to my mom right now, it would be "thank you." Without her, I don't think Brooks and I would be sitting here together right now, if she hadn't written that journal. And as far as what she would say to me? I hope she would say she's proud of me and who I've become. I really think she would be.

BB: Me too. *sniffs* Thank you both SO much for chatting with me. You're welcome anytime. :) Congratulations again and good luck! Oh, and keep in touch!

Brooks: Thank you again, Brandee.
Laura: Yes, thank you!

And there you have it. Thanks so much to Tasha Ivey for sharing her characters with me! 

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