Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Stranger ~ Just One Night ~ Part 1

The Stranger (Just One Night, Part 1)Title: The Stranger
Series: Just One Night #1
Author: Kyra Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance

** I received this ebook from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis from GoodReads:

Kasie knows who she’s supposed to be. But one passionate night with a mysterious stranger will teach her who she wants to be.

You should sleep with a stranger, her best friend whispers in her ear as they take to Vegas for one last pre-wedding fling. Despite her best intentions, when Kasie Fitzgerald enters the casino and sees him, a man whose tailored clothes belied a powerful, even dangerous, presence, she loses herself to the moment. Maybe it’s the dress, much shorter than she’d ever normally wear, or the Scotch, but something makes her give herself over to him more completely than she's ever done with a man before.

It was supposed to be just one night. But right as she’s thinking she wants more, he shows up in her office with an agenda. As the billionaire CEO of a company that’s engaged her PR firm, his demands just became her reality...and he desires so much more than just some attention in the boardroom.

Holy sh*t!!
This book is HOT and more than a little suspenseful! All I really have for words at the moment are naughty exclamations! Give me a moment.....  *fans self*  *guzzles ice water*

Okay, I think I can handle this now...

First off, I'm just gonna say that I LOVE this book. I didn't expect to love this book as much as I did. And that's not even a strong enough word...but there you have it. It's a short book, but it's intense and brilliant and so much more than I was expecting. I've read reviews that dissed this book because of the cheating element. I'm right there with those who don't like cheaters...I don't like them either. BUT I'm going to ignore that element here - to the extent I can - because 
a) although Kasie is in a long-term relationship, she's not engaged or married
b) she's clearly in this relationship for all the wrong reasons
c) I strongly agree with Kasie's friend Simone's advice that you should make sure - explore all options BEFORE committing to forever with someone...especially if you're with that someone simply because it's comfortable and safe

Now, don't yell at me...I'm not advocating a night of wanton sex in Vegas...but that might work out for you. OR it might blow up in your face. But you may find your soul-mate and it would be a tragedy to miss meeting your soul-mate...right??

Anyhow, Kasie is in Vegas with her friend Simone onstensibly to enjoy a last hoorah before getting married. (You'll recall I said she's not engaged - her boyfriend simply stated they should go ring shopping.) Now Simone, she is proposing Kasie spend the night with a stranger. Kasie, however, is a good girl - she follows all the rules and she's determined to spend the night doing a little harmless flirting and leave it at that. Ah...the best laid plans.

While Kasie is playing blackjack, a handsome stranger joins her at the table. He decides they should make the game more interesting and bets a drink - alone - with  him should he win the next hand. Kasie had no idea how far off her straight and narrow path accepting that bet would take her. She ends up spending, well at least part of a night with Mr. Dade - her handsome stranger. But she believes that moment will live forever buried in her memory.

A few days later, Kasie is handed her professional dream - leading a project for a major company - all on a silver none other than Mr. Dade. As she and Robert Dade begin working together and playing together, Kasie has a dilemma. Should she choose stable, sensible boyfriend? Or explore the previously uncharted parts of herself with Robert? She waffles quite a bit. Then, when she's finally made a decision, the choice is take away...and that's really all I'm gonna reveal.

Kasie has some yet unrevealed secrets - mostly to do with her sister. And Robert is an enigma. Oh, and Dave, the steady, safe boyfriend? Well, he may not be as safe as Kasie thought. I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel! (Luckily, its release date is March 18 - happy anniversary to me! :)

This book is extremely well-written. The prose is so very lyrical and Kyra Davis does a phenomenal job of using beautiful language to tell a maybe not so beautiful story. I'm thoroughly enchanted by these characters - the little nuances in their behavior, the exploration of self Kasie is she seems to fear letting her true self free. Kasie is struggling against expectations - those she places on herself and those placed on her by her parents, her boyfriend, and coworkers. No one seems to know the real Kasie - not even Kasie. Robert Dade, however, seems to see through her facade and wants, even demands, she be true to herself. Can she find the strength to do that?

Back to that cheating element I'm ignoring...I don't see it as Kasie cheating so much as it being the beginning of a voyage of self-discovery for Kasie. Should she have broken up with her boyfriend beforehand? Well, maybe...but she really didn't set out to cheat. And the heart wants what the heart wants...


  1. A night like that is what I've been dreaming all my life! *sigh* someday... someday...

    1. I never got a night like this...but I enjoyed reading about it! ;) Here's to hoping you get yours!!

  2. Oh nice! I am always looking for a steamy book. Adding this one to my tbr. Great review!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I'd love to hear your opinion once you've read it. :) Hope you enjoy it!!


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