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** Mogul Blog Tour** Interview, Review & Giveaway

YEA! I'm today's stop on the Mogul Blog Tour! As you may know, Mogul is the final book of the Groupie Trilogy. If you haven't read my reviews of Groupie and Rock Star, you can do that hereI just may be the tiniest bit of a fanatic about these books! :) Oh, who am I kidding?!? I'm a HUGE fanatic...but um, not in the scary, stalker-y way! Seeing as I'm such a fan, I'm almost vibrating in excitement over getting to have the fabulous Ginger Voight here on my blog today - and she brought a few friends! *squee* Yes, those two friends!! 

I'd like to welcome Ginger, Andy and Vanni to my blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me.
Thanks so much! This is exciting to reunite with Andy and Vanni again. Thank you for the opportunity.
Okay, the first and most important question I MUST ask you, Ginger, is do you ENJOY torturing your readers?? No, seriously. Because you did some super-de-duper torturing over the course of this trilogy!
The main job of any writer is to make your reader feel something, so it is extremely gratifying when I hear that readers invested themselves heavily enough in the story to be tortured. My best friend finished his early draft of Groupie by sending me a simple email that said, “You are evil.” It was like hitting a home run. But you run the risk of pushing your reader *too* far over the edge. During “Rock Star” especially, there were moments when I’d finish a passage and say to my husband, “OMG They’re going to hate me.” As such several people got off the ride, simply fatigued by the drama. I truly hated to see them go, but I get it. I’ve read books where I wondered what the heroine had done to the author to make them torture them so, and it can be frustrating-good, or frustrating-bad. I figure if you’re still in the passenger seat of my crazy ride by “Mogul,” I definitely owed it to you to make it worth your while. So the torturing will have a satisfying emotional payoff. (I hope!)
Is there anything you want to share about your inspiration for this series? 
I’m a groupie from way back. I fell in love with Davy Jones when I was nine, and wanted to marry Steve Perry of Journey when I was 13. It’s a fantasy that I think many women share, so I wanted to live vicariously through an ordinary girl who got her chance to make her fantasy come true. Of course, it had to come with necessary complications. I think the darker side of fame/celebrity excited me more than having a sexy romance with a rock star. There’s just so much organic drama surrounding the famous folk and all the people who want to get close to them, it was very fertile ground to toil. And I had a blast doing it.
Andy & Vanni, I'll start off with an easy one for y''s married/family life? How's Renata? Congratulations, by the way!
Andy: Thank you! It’s been a long, crazy ride to get here. Looking at my husband and my daughter, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. 
Vanni: Well, we might have changed a couple of things! 
Andy: Nah, that just makes it more worthwhile. 
Vanni: She makes it worthwhile. And Renata is an absolute joy. I never thought I’d fall in love once, much less twice. I couldn’t be happier.
Andy, if you'd had any inkling of what was to come, would you still have gone to that first DIB concert? 
At the time, probably not. I wasn’t looking to fall in love way back in 2007. I liked my life simple enough to pack into a suitcase. Honestly, I was probably just as scared as Vanni to get involved. The only reason I went to New York was because it was still simple. I was being romanced by a rocker on his rise to the top. It was fun. It was sexy. It was supposed to be one really memorable night. Before I knew it, it got really complicated, really quickly. By then, though, I was unknowingly locked into the roller coaster. There was no getting off until the ride was over, good or bad. 
Andy, what was the moment you KNEW you loved Vanni? 
Good question. I’d say I was in denial about the depths of my feelings until Christmas in Nashville. But like I was saying before, something had to keep me coming back even as it got more and more complicated. I can blame my work or my friends who kept pulling me back into his world, but I think my heart must have known on some level that it was meant to be something more. 
How about you, Vanni? Can you recall exactly when you knew Andy was it? 
I knew I loved her when I saw her dancing with Graham that first time. Before then, I could stay unattached. I could easily romance someone and then leave before I got too invested. That was just my M.O. I chalked it up to a conquest that had never been won that kept her in my thoughts, even when we were apart. It was the curiosity, the mystery of the unknown. When I saw her dancing with another man, I felt something I had never felt before. I felt jealous. That was brand new territory for me. I knew I had to do something, anything, to get her back before I lost my chance for good. It started with getting out of my first contract so that I wouldn’t be stuck in any other relationships. And as usual, Andy was my lifeline to sanity. 
Vanni, can you speak to what exactly was going on in your brain that kept you from committing to Andy? Particularly since she was so CLEARLY the one? And you instead allowed relationships with Kat & Holly? (I'll let Lourdes slide...) 
After I finally told her how much I loved her over my 30th birthday, it all got suddenly very real. Honestly, I was scared shitless because the stakes were so much higher for me than they had ever been. I was afraid that she was too good for me, because she is. I was afraid that I was going to let her down and disappoint her, because that’s what I do and had consistently done. Why would someone like Andy ever choose me when she had options? I knew eventually she’d figure out what I already knew – that she could do better. Superficial relationships were fun and comfortable because I honestly didn’t love them enough to let them. It was safe. And I was a selfish douche who catered to my ego first. It amazes me every single day that Andy didn’t give up on me. 
And just so Vanni doesn't think I'm picking on him, Andy what were you thinking with Graham? I know you'd get irritated when both Vanni and Graham acted as though you were a prize to win but did you realize you were kinda playing the two against one another? 
I think on some unconscious level I knew, which is why I was so driven by guilt because it was never my intention to do that. So many times I was so torn between them. They’re both phenomenal men on the opposite sides of the spectrum, and my heart responded to both. How could it not? You’ve met them. You know. Ultimately I tried to shade my behavior more nobly, but it was a lot like what Vanni was doing. My mistake is that instead of finding someone I didn’t care about, I picked someone I could truly love on a real level. That made everything worse, because I ended up leading Graham on when he deserved a woman who was completely interested in him for real, and for the right reasons. Fortunately he’s found that now, and we can be the close friends I had always hoped. 
Andy, you've had to deal with quite a lot to have your HEA (?). Crazy fans, attempts on your life...are you glad you stuck it out - dealt with all the crazy and waited for Vanni to figure out what he really wanted and to grow up? Do you resent it at all?  
Looking back I realize that it was all part of Vanni’s journey, and made him the man he is today. How can I truly resent that, when he’s become the man I always wanted him to be? Because of that journey, I know just how strong we are together. This is more than that initial attraction that might have led us to a random, isolated hookup we both thought we wanted in the beginning. It’s also been a crash course on how to create certain boundaries to protect each other and our family. I share him with the world, I knew that going in. Unfortunately that reality means there will be certain dangers and complications, even beyond those we’ve already suffered. I hope, if nothing else, we’ve grown wiser through it all. 
Vanni, how happy are you that Andy stuck it out? 
Every moment of every minute of every day. I am a better man because of her. She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted to marry because she’s the only person I feel I owe every promise of my future. I just hope I can make it up to her for all the stuff I’ve put her through. 
Andy, there were many times in the last 4 years where you doubted the strength of your and Vanni's relationship. Do you have times of doubt now? Or has he more than proven his love is stronger than ever? 
Not every guy will run into a burning building to pull you out or die with you. How could I question anything after that? Every day, in every way, he reassures me that his love belongs only to me and our family. It took a while, but when he finally made his promise I knew I could trust it. 
Ginger, do you believe in Fate? I mean, I'm not sure the average person could deal with all that Andy & Vanni have dealt with and still end up together. But it seems like Fate wanted them together - even if they had to go through hell to get there... 
I absolutely believe in fate, and I believe in the idea of a soul mate. I think once you find the one that fits you like the other half of a puzzle, you’ll walk through fire to be with them. I know I would. It makes me proud that my children, both literary and physical, feel likewise. J 
Okay - enough grilling...  :)
Vanni, how's the band? Are you and DIB planning on touring soon? We all know Andy was the inspiration behind several of DIB's is being married and a father affecting your song writing? 
The band is great. We’ve got everyone back together, even Iain, so it feels just like old times. All of us have been able to parlay our life experiences into new music, which is finally a true blend of all our different personalities. You’ll see that on the third album, especially now that Yael is finally able to flex his muscle on the guitar in the edgier stuff that he likes. As for the songwriting, I think it’s deeper and more authentic now. Andy and Renata have filled out my emotional palate. I think it shows in the songs. 
Andy & Vanni, what more can we expect from you two? Andy, are you going to tour with DIB? Are you still working on that novel? Do you two hope to have more kids? 
Andy: I try to write when possible but Renata is a demanding boss! She gets my full attention for the time being. I hope to publish eventually, though. If I can ever sleep again! 
Vanni: DIB will definitely tour to support our third album, and Andy and Renata will be with us. I don’t want to miss a moment with my girls, and I know Iain feels the same about his family, so it’ll be a real family affair. But don’t be surprised if I resume judging duties next year for another season of Fierce. We haven’t had our finale yet, but with the crop of talent we have this year, I think we’ll definitely earn our place as hit-making, star-making TV. Touring and recording are great, but I like the stability of having a regular home life, too. Plus I’ll need the steady paycheck because we both want to have more kids. We’re just trying to decide on a number. Since we’re both essentially orphans, we’d like a big family. I say six. She says two. So, what do you think, babe? Four? 
Andy: We’ll see!! 
Ginger, I know you have Fierce on the way and we'll see a little of Andy & Vanni - but will we see another book with only them? What else do you have in the works? Anything else you want to share with us? 
I think it is entirely possible we’ll revisit Vanni and Andy (and Renata) eventually. We still have to sort out Vanni’s relationship with his dad, and I’m sure that will come into play as his own journey as a father truly takes off. Until then, we’re going to let them enjoy their HEA before we put them through the meat grinder again. ;)
My goal is to publish three more books in 2013. “Fierce,” of course, but I am also itching to jump into a fun, sex revenge book called “The Leftover Club.” A group of high school friends who had only one thing in common – they were overlooked by the most popular guy in school – end up fighting to seduce him at a ten year reunion, when he dares to go after one of them. (I plan on using Adam Levine as the prototype for the popular guy in question… so I really can’t wait to write that. ;) ) I also wanted to write a paranormal story called, “The Lovely Haunting,” where a ghost helps a traumatized woman heal from her wounds and emotionally connect again. But it will take an ugly turn when the ghost becomes obsessed with bringing her over to the other side so they can be together forever. In other words, it’s a lovely haunting… until it isn’t. 
Thanks again for taking time out and allowing me to interview y'all!  
Thank you! It was lots of fun, thanks for inviting all of us to chat. J 
Andy: Thanks for sharing our journey with us and supporting us! 
Vanni: See you when I roll into your town. Until then, if you have a dream, do whatever you can to make it happen. Because they really do come true. 

About Ginger:

Ginger Voight is prolific author, freelance writer and optioned screenwriter. Her fiction is diverse, with novels like the edgy, coming-of-age drama DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, and the fun family adventure for kids of all ages, COMIC SQUAD.

Having grown up reading different authors like Danielle Steel and Stephen King, Ginger has always been drawn more to story than to genre. This shows up in her various stories. Titles such as MY IMMORTAL and TASTE OF BLOOD are a delicious, heady mix of horror, suspense, and romance.

Genre romance, however, has held a special place in her heart, ever since she read her first Harlequin novel when she was only eleven. As a result, Ginger is making a name for herself writing romances of her own, starring women who look more like the average American woman rather than those traditionally represented in the size-biased American media. Her Rubenesque romances were created especially for those heroines with fuller figures, who can still get the man of their dreams if only they believe they can. Such titles include UNDER TEXAS SKIES, LOVE PLUS ONE, GROUPIE and PICTURE POSTCARDS.

Ginger was included in the best-selling book by Smith Magazine NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING, featuring her six-word memoir.

Stalk Ginger Here:
Twitter: @Geevie

My Review:
I was warned prior to starting this last book in the trilogy that the prologue just might kill me. It almost did! OMG! How much more does this couple have to endure to get their HEA?!? Oh yeah -- tons o' shit and HEAs are for wimps! *laughs*

Again Andy and Vanni have battles to face in order to make it together. Legal battles, stalkers, enemies within. But this time Vanni means it - he's truly committed to Andy. And I truly loved watching this man finally grow up!

"After all they had been through, words were insufficient now. He was going to spend the rest of his life proving to her that he was the man she already believed him to be."
Does it all go smoothly? Hell no! Did I still want to strangle Vanni or smack him up-side the head? Hell yeah! But the important thing is he made it. Andy, too, seems to finally mature enough to realize she really has to let Graham go in every sense so he can move on. And Graham has a few epiphanies himself - one involving his lovely fiery-haired nurse!

Of course, as the day Andy and Vanni have been working toward for four years approaches, a plan has been set in motion to keep our woeful lovers from ever being together. Will Vanni lose everything?

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out! But I will tell you this...YOU.WILL.LOVE.IT!

One of the things I liked most about these books, and this book in particular, was watching the characters grow and mature. Mogul kept me on edge wondering what was going to happen next. I love a book that keeps me guessing. :) It was like being on a roller coaster...feeling the free fall, a few twists here and there, being jarred while taking a turn, possibly a loop in make it back to the gate safely but your adrenalin is pumping and your body's feeling the effects. And you're ready to do it all again...oh what a ride! This was the perfect ending to a fabulous trilogy! 

Ginger is generously offering an autographed copy of the complete Groupie Trilogy. If you haven't already entered, just obey the Rafflecopter below.  :)
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Ginger is also kindly offering an ebook ARC of the Groupie Trilogy. To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment letting me know a favorite quote from Mogul, if you've read it. If you haven't read it, let me know your favorite part of my interview with Ginger, Andy, and Vanni.

The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. February 15, 2013. The winner will be chosen randomly.


  1. How cool! My BFF was telling me about this series today. She kept saying it was verrry intense. I'm glad that Mogul lived up to expectation!

    1. Thanks! This really is a fantastic series! (obviously, I liked it a little ;) It is extremely intense and very emotional. But you'll like it, I think! :)


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