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**Review ~ The Second Shadow ~ Elizabeth Arroyo**

The Second Shadow (The Second Sign, #2)The Second Shadow by Elizabeth Arroyo
Series: Second Sign #2
Release Date: September 5, 2013
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Horror
Source: I received an e-review copy, through Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 3.5 Bookworms

Jake thought being demon meant a shredded humanity, stripped of all human emotion. Chaos and self-preservation dominates a demon’s instincts. But Jake feels every ounce of pain and despair around him. 

And it’s driving him deeper into Hell.

Gabby’s choice to save him last summer left a fissure in Hell’s gate that released a malevolent evil. When Jake’s given a mission by the demons to shadow a human girl who may know the whereabouts of an ethereal weapon, he doesn’t expect to see Gabby. But Fate has her own agenda.

When Jake and Gabby are thrown together on a camping trip with a group of delinquent teens, Jake begins to grapple with the haunting choices he made in the past. When the evil finds them, the group begins to battle for their lives, alliances are made, and truths revealed. 

As the evil begins to influence Jake, he questions his link to the demons, his purpose, and his love for Gabby. 

But the answers to those questions are only found in Hell. And it may cost him his soul.

The Second Shadow picks up where the The Second Sign left off. It's an intense ride towards the end of the world. And the end left me gasping.

Gabby and her brother, Max, are once again in hiding. Now that she knows the truth of what she is, she's trying to deal with all that entails. Max is by her side, protecting her. However, Gabby isn't able to stay out of trouble in her new school. An altercation with another student lands Gabby in a weekend-long detention. It also finds her face-to-face with Jake.

Jake, having accepted his demon side, has been given his first assignment. He, and Pat, find themselves in detention camp as well. And Jake is surprised at seeing Gabby there. Although Gabby isn't part of his assignment, Jake and Gabby learn that the choices they've made have begun the march towards the apocalypse.

The Second Shadow imparts the tale of Gabby and Jake as they try to save humanity. They each know their expected roles, yet they still have free will. The angels and demons, on the brink of war, are awaiting the decisions that Gabby and Jake will have to make. Jake thought embracing his demon would wipe away his humanity. But he finds himself still caring - especially about Gabby. Gabby wants to save the world - but she also wants Jake's forgiveness and the ability to save him as well. And neither the angels nor the demons realized the strength of the bond shared between Gabby and Jake. 

I think The Second Shadow's main themes are forgiveness and redemption. There are many characters looking for these. Ms. Arroyo once again delivered a wild, graphic, and pulse-pounding story. I was never quite certain what was going to happen next. There were several shocking revelations that only added to the excitement. And the ending - Ms. Arroyo knows how to knock you in the gut with her conclusions.

My only complaint is that there were times when I felt the story's focus meandered too much. I was unsure of where the story was going and it detracted from my enjoyment .

Overall, The Second Shadow was a thrilling and satisfying read. I thought this was the conclusion and maybe it is, but the ending is definitely open-ended.

You can read my review of the first book of the series, The Second Sign, by clicking here.

Elizabeth Arroyo
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, the youngest of five, Elizabeth spent most of her younger years as an avid reader with a wild imagination which led her to write her first manuscript at the age of fourteen.

Her fascination with the paranormal was influenced by the vivid ghost and demon stories of her father, scaring the crap out of her. It also led her to ask the "what if" question that propelled her down the path of the fantastical.

But, life got in the way. Elizabeth completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice at Northeastern Illinois University and works in the community strengthening families.

But her love of stories held, and in 2008 she found herself back into her storytelling roots and began writing again. Since then she's published a short story in SQ Magazine, countless musings on her blog - Chandara Writes (her muse), and completed three manuscripts.

In 2012, Elizabeth signed with Sapphire Star Publishing to release her debut novel, THE SECOND SIGN, a Dark YA Paranormal Romance, slated for an early 2013 release.

Elizabeth still resides in Chicago’s south west side with her family, a household of kids, and the bliss of chaos. The good kind. She continues to work in the community. You can follow her journey on her Blog chandarawrites.blogspot.com


  1. Looks like an exciting story. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed The Second Sign, Brandee.

    1. I really do love the biblical mythology in this series, Andrea. :)

  2. Sounds like an intense second book, and I think that I would like Jake

    1. Both books are pretty intense, Brandi. And you'd love Jake. :)

  3. Oh I love my intense reads! You keep finding these books that I don't know how I haven't heard of them yet because they're so up my alley - thanks for the great review, I'm going back and checking out book 1

  4. I agree with Berls! Where do you find these books?! I mean I saw your bookshelves and it looked pretty standard. Where are you pulling these insane stories?!

  5. Oy vey, Brandee! What are you doing to me? You keep on making me add books and series to Mt. TBR, and very soon, it will fall over and break everything! Great review, Brandee, I want to get to know Gabby, Max and Jake, so yeah, I may even be one-clicking...

    Have a fantastic day, my dear. *BIG HUGS*

    ps: I have not written my review yet, but I know I should get started...

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  6. how have I never heard of this series! especially since its paranormal and sounds so good :D I think I would totally like Abby and the fact that it has a brother and sister involved is refreshing. Lots of demon books out this year I guess o.o now I must go add it to my extensive list.


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