Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Release Blitz ~ Cocky Biker ~ Faleena Hopkins (@faleenahopkins)

Cocky Biker - A Stand Alone MC Romance Novel
My father is Congressman Michael Cocker. He f*cking hates that I live outside the law. I'm Jett. I don't care that I come from old money. The Ciphers MC - they're my chosen family.

We are servants ONLY to our code, our mission. We live it. Breathe it. Search for it. The same force that drives storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, propels us. Like them we arrive without warning and level sh*t, to erect something superior.

A loner, I never expected on the most dangerous of our missions to meet an irresistible feral cat. I nicknamed the kitty, Sunshine, and she is anything but.

My name is Luna, not Sunshine. I am darkness. Only one thing matters to me...killing the man who murdered my mother when I was ten.

I don't have time for Grey Eyes - a f*cking biker named Jett Cocker. No matter how ridiculously hot he is, or how skilled at playing my emotions like a violin.

My WHOLE LIFE I've been gearing up for this. I've finally found the murderer. Now. Is. My. Moment. So why am I wasting time with Grey Eyes in this motel room...why is he making me forget my pain?

The Cocker Brothers of Atlanta, Georgia, have earned their nickname -- The Cocky Brothers. Their daddy taught them to be real men. Their momma told them, "Hold out for a different kind of woman." They have one thing in common: ARROGANCE.

A brand new Bad Boy Romance Stand-Alone book series. Six brothers. Six books. Meet Jett Cocker. Book 2.

“Neither do I,” I breathe as he leans deeper in. Grey Eyes is so dangerously close to my mouth that I can feel his heat. 

“Neither do you what?” 

“Have a master.” I could use a good fuck, though. “And I don’t want one, either.” 

“Every woman wants a master.”

“Not true,” I whisper, fighting him because I’m stubborn but inwardly knowing he doesn’t mean equality. He means in the sack. And he’s right.

“Deep, deeeeeeep down, she does want a master, Sunshine. She wants him to take charge. Make her pant his name as she quivers underneath him.” 

With his eyes all hooded and his naked chest lightly touching the tips of my breasts through my jacket and shirt, Grey Eyes lowers his hand. I follow it, unable not to look. He hovers thick, calloused fingers from riding, just short of my jeans’ zipper and crooks his middle finger as though it were about to be inside me. He’s almost touching me there. I’ve stopped breathing.

With a low, slow rasp, he continues to tease me as we both stare at those fucking fingers of his. “Every woman wants a real man. One who knows how to touch her…here. And that man, Sunshine, that man she’d call Master.”

His eyes crawl up my body, locking with mine as I press the back of my head into the door, wishing he’d touch me so I could punch him. Or grab the back of his head and eat him alive. Whichever came first.

“Baby,” he murmurs, “…this is a fucked-up situation. I want you. But I’d never take you against your will.” He kisses my nose like he did this morning, but this time real slow. “However…if you gave yourself to me, you’d thank me for it.” 

He leans in to kiss me but drops down without doing so, grabs my backpack and flashes away from me, pulling my gun out. 

I explode, “What the fuck!?” pushing off the door and coming at him. “Give me that!”

He jumps on the bed and holds it up. “Now what’s this for, huh?” 

“You tricked me!” 


I chase him around the bed, totally helpless. I’m not about to tackle him outright. That weapon is fucking loaded.


He grins. “You sound like my brother Jeremy when I found a love letter from his ex-girlfriend! Now, now, Sunshine, stop trying to grab me. You said it was never gonna happen. Can’t change your mind just because I got ya all wet, baby.” 

YUP...that's me.

I had a Yamaha 80 when I was 10. A Kawasaki at 22, and a Suzuki at 31.

This story Is extra close to my heart because I'm a biker at heart. And damn if one day I don't buy a Triumph. ;) 

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