Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#ShelfLove Discussion ~ Why Do I Read What I Read?

Bookworm Brandee

As part of the #ShelfLove Challenge, we have monthly discussion topics. July's topic is Why I Read the Books I Read.  

So, why do I read the books I read? Why do I gravitate towards a certain genre? How do I pick my next read?

Well, I don't think I gravitate towards any particular genre - although in the past my reading choices have seemed to go through phases where I read a specific genre for an extended period of time. For many years, I read nothing outside of literary fiction. Then Twilight happened and I opened myself to the wonder of other genres - particularly YA and Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. I also went through an NA phase but as I was becoming ever more disenchanted with that genre, I decided to make a conscious effort to mix up my genres and it's really helped my reading pleasure. :D

As for why I gravitate toward any book - I think that the synopsis is what *must* grab me. I have to feel a draw to either the character or the story as a whole. What's funny about the importance of the synopsis is that it's only important initially. It plays a role in my decision to buy/borrow a book, but that's it. I rarely, if ever, read it again. I rather enjoy going into a book without expectation other than I *know* it initially called to me or I wouldn't own it. ;)

I'm a mood reader, so unless it's something I agreed to review, I pick my next read according to what I *feel* like reading. If I've read several books from a certain genre, I'm probably going to pick up something from another so I don't get burned out.

What about y'all? Why do you read the books you read? Do you gravitate towards a certain genre? Why? And how do you pick your next read??

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