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Audio Dual Review ~ Fire of a Dragon & Chosen by a Dragon ~ Alisa Woods (@AlisaWoodsBooks) #2017NewRelease #AudioChallenge

Fire of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals #3)Fire of a Dragon by Alisa Woods
Fallen Immortals #3
Narrated byJoe Arden and Maxine Mitchell
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from Tantor Media. This did not affect my review or my rating. 
Rating: 4 Bookworms
Challenges: #AudioChallenge, #2017NewRelease, #COYER

**START with KISS OF A DRAGON (Book 1)**
Lucian is a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke...and he's dying. He has to spawn a dragonling to uphold the treaty that keeps the mortal world safe from the immortal Dark Fae, but a dragon's mate rarely survives the birth of a young dragon... and he can't force the horror of another woman's death on his hands. When he rescues a beautiful woman from a demon roaming the streets of Seattle, he has to seduce her without losing his heart.. and before he turns into a feral dragon and breaks the treaty forever.

The FALLEN IMMORTALS series is a modern Beauty and the Beast story with flaming HOT dragon shifters, vengeful Dark Fae, and beguiling fallen angels. Only readers over 18 should embark on this epic series of dangerous love.

Fire of a Dragon was more exciting than its predecessor mainly because there's more going on than just the romance. ;) 

**There may be some minor spoilers ahead...

Lucian and Arabella have overcome all the obstacles thrown their way. They're united and now all should be good, yeah?


There are still forces at work against them and the treaty that would maintain peace and it was nail-biting excitement as I watched the events, trying to figure out what was going to happen, who was behind it, and why.

With danger, intrigue, and combat, oh, and some romance ;) Fire of a Dragon was a great listen.

Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell adeptly brought the story to life!

Chosen by a Dragon
Chosen by a Dragon by Alisa Woods
Fallen Immortals #4
Narrated by: Noelle Bridges and Roger Wayne
Release Date: May 9, 2017
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from Tantor Media. This did not affect my review or my rating. 
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #AudioChallenge, #2017NewRelease, #COYER

Leonidas: I am a Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke...and I am cursed. Falling in love was never in the cards for me. An angry witch made sure of that - if I lose my heart, I lose my life. Only now, a treaty guaranteeing peace will die with me, unless I convince some hapless human to fall in love with me and bear my child - a dragonling born of magic and a love that's true. But I know nothing of love. Five hundred years of guarding my heart and opening my bed mean I've got zero chance at this. Yet if I fail, it won't just be my death but countless others. Rosalyn: My luck has never been good. Being a witch who can't do magic sucks on most days - it's even worse when your mother's cancer can't be cured. But I'll do whatever it takes to turn our luck around, including stealing magic-healing blood from a shifter. Besides, they owe me - a hot-as-sin shifter seduced my mother, got us thrown out of the coven, and ruined my life. One of them can bleed a little to make things right. And a dragon prince with his wacky Mating Game and blood ten times more powerful? The perfect mark. My luck might just be turning good after all. Contains mature themes.

Who knew I'd find Leonidas' story so compelling?!? Maybe it was because the groundwork had been laid, and I already knew Leonidas to a certain degree. Maybe it was Roger Wayne and Noelle Bridges' engaging narration. Whatever it is, this Dragon Prince's story had me listening every chance I could.

Leonidas was cursed long ago by a witch. Should he ever fall in love, he's doomed to turn into a feral dragon. So naturally he'd pick a witch to help him fulfill his duty with the treaty. He could never love a witch after being cursed by one, right??

Roselyn is a hedge witch - a magic cripple. Her mother's powers were bound due to an affair with a shifter and she's never been able to learn how to harness her magic. She answers an ad for a shifter looking for a mate figuring she can steal a little blood to help solve a few of her problems. When she learns the shifter is a dragon? Well, she figures her luck is changing.

These two were such compelling characters. Leonidas is actually very vulnerable with the opposite sex - craving real intimacy, which he can't have - instead of the slam-bam he's partaken of since his curse. It was sweet seeing how thoughtful he was with Roselyn. I felt for Roselyn. Her predicament was frustrating and not of her doing. The unfairness of that struck a chord with me. Then seeing her try and fail at almost everything with was endearing.

Bridges and Wayne were amazing. Their delivery, pacing, and range with voices really made the story vivid. I did think the recording of Bridges' early chapters was a bit "tinny" but that seemed to resolve as the recording when on.

I'm very eager to see what happens next with Leonidas and Roselyn!

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