Friday, September 1, 2017

Review ~Infinite Possibilities ~ Lisa Renee Jones #COYER

Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #2)Infinite Possibilities by Lisa Renee Jones
The Secret Life of Amy Benson #2
Release Date: July 7, 2015
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Source: Library
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #COYER

Secrets and lies. They are everywhere: haunting her, tormenting her. In the midst of it all, he'd been her escape, her passion. The only person she'd trusted in six years. And then he'd made her doubt that trust, cutting her deeply. But as she'd once told him, she was damaged, not broken. She is ready to fight and not just for survival. She is fighting for the truth and she won't stop until she has it, not even for...him.

I couldn't wait to dive into book #2 of this series but I have to admit to being the slightest bit disappointed. It was only slight though.

Amy, after overhearing something that made her doubt, is on the run again. She wants to get all the answers she needs and deserves once and for all. Liam, however, isn't going to give her up without a fight. Luckily it's not a fight Amy's really interested in taking on because there are a few new players on the field and deciding who to trust - if anyone - is Amy's main goal, especially when it's revealed that something she's believed since she went into hiding may not be true.

Liam, for his part, is determined to show Amy he's the one to trust and put her faith in. He has the resources and connections to help Amy find her answers as well as keep her safe. If he can erase her doubt, that's exactly what he plans to do. 

LRJ delivers another smolderingly hot installment for Amy and Liam coupled with some nail-biting suspense. I was as eager to get answers as Amy was and the revelations made while getting them were shocking. My disappointment came as a result of how long it took for things to develop. Amy and Liam seemed to spin their wheels longer than I'd have liked but once they got traction, the story took off. I was also mildly let down at the ease in which a few things were resolved.

However, I'm chomping at the bit to continue the story!

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