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Review Redux + Review ~ Undeniable & UnBeautifully ~ Madeline Sheehan #ShelfLove

Undeniable (Undeniable, #1)Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan
Undeniable Series #1
Release Date: October 7, 2012
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, MC Romance
Source: Purchased on Nook
Rating: 5 Bookworms
Challenges: #ShelfLove, #TravelingtotheTerminus

Warning: This is not a "typical love story." This is an all-consuming, soul-crushing, tear-your-heart-into-piece story. It's intense, gritty and raw, dark and disturbing, and it doesn't happen overnight. This is an epic love story that knows no boundaries and has no time limits. It grows and develops - with hurt, sacrifice, and heartache - over the span of a lifetime.

Eva Fox is the princess of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club. Growing up with bikers in the club lifestyle is all that she knows. When she's a young girl, Eva meets the reason for her existence. Deuce West is the sexy, biker bad-ass of the Hell's Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Like Eva, he was born and raised in the club - but that's where the similarities end. Their first meeting is innocent, but as Eva matures into a woman, their chance reunions evolve into a fit of lust and love. Fate continues to bring them together time and time again, but their twisted journey is filled with pain, betrayal, and bloodshed that could tear them apart. Eva sees in Deuce what he cannot see in himself - a man worthy of love - and Eva spends her lifetime proving to him that her undeniable love is the one thing he can't live without.

This is Eva and Deuce's story.

It wasn't easy.
Nothing worth doing ever is.
And love is worth everything.

I first read Undeniable back in late 2012. (If you want to see what my first reviews looked like you can find that review here but don't go in with high expectations. =) It was my first MC book and it made quite an impression. When I decided to re-read it prior to continuing the series, I wondered a few things. 1) Why, if I found the story for unforgettable - and I totally did - did I not continue the series and/or read more from Sheehan? And 2) Would it have the same impact on me how that I have a few MC books under my belt as well as having seen some episodes of SoA?

After my re-read, my answers are: 1) Who the heck knows?!? and 2) A resounding YESSSS!!!

Unbeautifully (Undeniable, #2)UnBeautifully by Madeline Sheehan
Undeniable Series #2
Release Date: May 13, 2013
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, MC Romance
Source: Purchased on Nook
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #ShelfLove, #TravelingtotheTerminus

Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny. This is a story about pain, sorrow, and suffering. This is an impulsive whirlwind romance between two lovers that are not meant to be together. Theirs is not a world with sunshine and roses. Instead, their love blossoms in a secret world of crime, violence, and death. Their story is about what can be born from nightmares.

Danielle "Danny" West is the daughter of Deuce West, President of the Hell's Horsemen Motorcycle Club. A sweet and beautiful girl, she loses her way, searching for things that are always out of her reach. Erik "Ripper" Jacobs is the Sergeant of Arms in the Hell's Horsemen. Once a man who always had a smile on his face, his life takes a turn for the worst when a tragedy befalls him, leaving him scarred and broken. During a midsummer night, Danny and Ripper's paths cross, forever changing their lives. Hastily, their lust turns to love until another tragedy forces them apart. On a journey that is marred in ugliness and chaos, Danny and Ripper must discover if their unforeseen connection can find the beauty in their world.

This is Danny and Ripper's story.

Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Especially the ugly.
Because without ugly, there would be no beauty.

I immediately dove into UnBeautifully after having finished Undeniable for the second time. I loved being completely immersed in this world, continuing the stories of these character I'm captivated by.

UnBeautifully is the story of Deuce's daughter, Danny, and his Sergeant at Arms, Ripper. Their story develops over a number of years and it's not always pretty. Ripper used to be a player of sorts, until he was used as a pawn in the game played by a rival MC trying to exact revenge against Eva and Deuce. Ripper was left terribly scarred, both outside and inside. He was left with a self-image issue, to say the least, and he doesn't feel worthy of anyone, least of all Danny. Danny has issues of her own being raised by Deuce and her mom, who ends up having little presence in Danny's and her brother's lives. Deuce isn't going to win Dad of the Year, which I found ironic since he preaches respect for women and seemed to show little to his own daughter. Anyway, the romance that blossoms between these two broken souls was beautiful, even when it wasn't, because they so deserved love despite not believing in it.

I liked that Sheehan also continued Eva and Deuce's story - its affect on Ripper and Danny included - as well as other character's we'd met previously. It was fascinating seeing all these added details and gave Danny and Ripper's story that much more depth. Danny and Ripper not only have to deal with self-doubt but also Ripper's position, murder, and mayhem. It was an action-packed and emotionally charged read that kept me reading til well past my bedtime. And I'm eager to continue.

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