Wednesday, June 27, 2018

#JIAM Audiobook Tag #LoveAudiobooks

Sophia Rose @Hot Listens found this audiobook-themed tag on the Books and Things YouTube Channel and it looked like fun so I thought I'd consider myself tagged. If you're so inclined, consider yourself tagged too. :)


  1. Have you always listened to audiobooks or when did you begin?

    I haven't always listened to audiobooks and when I first tried about 5 years ago, I admit I found it challenging. I'm not one of those people who can listen to audiobooks while doing things like blogging, answering emails, etc., so I was only listening when I was driving (and didn't have kids in the car) or cleaning. So it took me a long time to listen to a book and I'd forget details in between listens. But with practice, and some fantastic narrators (thank you, Andi Arndt!), I've made audiobooks a regular part of my reading diet. :D

  2. What is your favorite audiobook?

    Oh geez! Why don't you ask me which is my favorite child! There's no way I can pick just one so I'll go with narrators and the series they narrated which really made me fall in love with audiobooks:

    *Andi Arndt - Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott
    *Robert Petkoff - Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole
    *Nicole Poole - Seven series by Dannika Dark

  3. What is my least favorite thing about audiobooks?

    Um, I honestly feel like I remember details about audiobooks less vividly. But that's just how my brain works. And it's the little details that are fuzzy in audio whereas in print I can "see" them.

  4. What do you think is the difference in experience between physically reading a book and listening to it?

    Like I said above, I can remember details better when I read them rather than hear them - I'm a visual person. I also like holding a book or an ebook. And that means I'm sitting somewhere comfortable, typically with a cup of coffee or tea, and quite possibly with a cat in my lap. When I'm listening, I'm typically driving, running (yes, I listen while I exercise), or cleaning. Oh, I listen sometimes while I grocery shop as well. :) So reading a physical book is a more relaxing experience overall for me BUT I wouldn't give up my audiobooks for anything. And my hubs likes that I clean more often. ;)

  5. How and when do you listen?

    Um, I guess I got ahead of myself as I kinda answered this in the previous question. At least the when part. As for how...I listen via earbuds and my phone. I know my Kindle Fire can handle audiobooks but since I'm always active while listening, I need the smaller device.

  6. What style/genre do you prefer?

    I don't really have a preference in my reading - I'm a genre omnivore as my blogging wife, Lexxie, likes to say. I do tend to listen to paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and historical romance quite a bit though.

  7. What are some audiobook/narrator recommendations?

    Again, I got ahead of myself and gave a few of these in my answer to question #2. But I have a few more to recommend:

    *Beverley A. Crick - The Sinful Suitors series by Sabrina Jeffries (and I have Berls to thank for recommending this one!)
    *Christian Fox - Sugar Bowl series by Sawyer Bennett
    *Andi Arndt/Zachary Webber - Show Me the Way by A.L. Jackson
    *Mindy Kennedy - Songs of Corruption series by C.D. Reiss

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