Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bought, Borrowed, & Bagged ~ #61

Bought, Borrowed, & Bagged is a weekly meme, hosted by TalkSupe, where I share with you the books I have bought, borrowed, or bagged (gifted or won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews, and any other bookishness I want to share. :)


It was another busy week. We enjoyed warm days separated by a day of snow. *ha* My friend (and author) Robyn Jones was in town visiting family so I was able to spend some time with her and her boys. Yay! Along with doing my usual "job", I've been busy doing some volunteering as a band and winter guard mom, organizing field trips, etc., as the year winds down. The week culminated with my younger daughter's winter guard performance in the state championships. (they placed 4th) Yesterday was also my birthday - and although I don't usually like sharing my age ;) I consider it "lucky" to have turned 44 on April 4th. We'll see how much luck this next year brings.

How was y'all's week?? 

I only one-clicked a few freebies this week, and once again, I can't do any finger pointing. These additions are all on me. In my defense (seriously lame defense), I am adding variety to my tbr. ;) If any of you ever figure out a way to function on little or no sleep, please share the secret with me. Otherwise, I'm going to have to live to um, 150??, to be able to read all the books I have acquired. (Somebody make me stop!! :)

Here's what was added to my ereader library this week:

Rippler (Ripple, #1)Evidence of Trust (Colorado Trust, #1)RECKLESS - Part 1 (The RECKLESS, #1)Midnight (McKenna Chronicles)I Love The 80s

Miss Mabel's School for Girls (The Network Series, #1)Antebellum Awakening (The Network Series, #2)

Image result for b&n gift card

My hubs bought me these two books (autographed, even) for my birthday. Yay! I also received a $50 GC to B&N from my mother-in-law. I will do my best to show some restraint in spending it. ;)

Last Week's Reviews

Upcoming Reviews
Eire's Devil King by Sandi Layne
Bite Me by CC Wood
Spend the Night Episode 3 by Elizabeth Lee


  1. Happy Birthday! And that's neat you got two autographed books for your birthday and it's alwasy nice to receive gift cards, but it can be hard not to spend them immediately. I grabbed some freebies this week as well although I don't always think to list them in my book haul. It's been cold a few days here as well, but no snow. Facebook reminded me today that last time this year the trees in front of our house were blossoming, while they are still barren now. Spring certainly is late this year. Have a great week!

  2. Jessica @ a GREAT readApril 5, 2015 at 2:30 PM

    OOoh nice! Happy Birthday!! And yay signed books! Hubby is very smart! ;) And wow! Your MIL is very kind and smart too! LOL!

    Hope you enjoy your reads and remember to spend the gift card smartly!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Midnight sounds like it will be a good read. Happy birthday, Happy Easter and have a great upcoming week!

  4. Happy Birthday! Glad you had fun with your friend. I think Reckless looks kinda good-rockstar? Hope your Easter was good :)

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet girl :) Many happy returns and all the very best to you! And, oh, signed books ... sigh. Is there any present that could qualify as better? I doubt it.

  6. Happy birthday!!! So awesome that you have such an awesome husband who buys you books. My finacee sand no more books until I can actually get some of the books on my shelf read. *sigh* sadly he is right. So glad you had a great birthday and got a bunch of amazing freebies.

    Sadly have not figured out a way to get past sleeping. One day!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Brandee! Nice haul of books. I nearly added a few of those freebies myself but then got distracted and forgot. You are lucky to have Barnes and Noble. I wish we had a store here. We used to have Borders which I think was similar, but it closed down. Now I only have Dymocks which isn't very big.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! ( I know I already did it on FB but) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!!!! :)
    Miss Mabel's school for girls I have been wanting to read for quite some time. When you get to them let me know what you think. I might pick them Up :)

    Enjoy all your new books and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN AGAIN!!!! :) <3

  9. Happy happy birthday!!! I do think its lucky that you turned 44 on 4-4. I won't get that until I'm 69!

    What a good hubby - he's a keeper! And mom-in-law! ^5! Enjoy! And I'm so working on how to extend our lives so we get to read ALL THE BOOKS;)

  10. Aw, happy belated birthday, Brandee! :D

  11. Thanks, Angie!!!

  12. LOL I even bought a lottery ticket...didn't win a darn thing except for crazy looks and laughs from the guy who sold it to me because I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. :)

    Yeah, I think I'm pretty lucky in the hubs dept and with my MIL too. Please, please let me know when you figure out how to extend our lives...or add more time into a day. :)

  13. THANKS, Michelle!! <3

  14. Thanks, Goldie! And yes, that money won't last long, will it?!? Nope. I should do a post of books I plan to use the money on and get y'all's opinion. LOL

  15. Thanks, Marilyn. And I wish I'd been I need more books. Oh wait, I do! ;) Yes, I enjoy having B&N. I liked Borders as well and was sad to see them go. I'm also lucky to have Tattered Cover in Denver - it's an independent and it's really nice.

  16. Thanks, Sharrice! My hubs gave up on getting me to stop buying books faster than I could read them. Smart man. ;)

    Let me know if you figure out a way to sleep less, okay? ;)

  17. Thank you so much, Ramona! And no, I don't think there is any better present than a book - signed or not. :)

  18. Thanks, Lorna! I hope your Easter was happy. ;) I think Reckless looks good too...yay for rockstars! :)

  19. Thanks, Brandi! I hope you and your family enjoyed Easter. :)

  20. Yes, he is a smart man, Jessica! *haha* He must get it from his mother. :) Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll keep y'all posted on what I purchase with my GC. :)

  21. Thanks, Lola! I haven't spent my GC yet but only because I've been too busy this week. :) We're enjoying nice weather so far this week but I believe there is snow in the forecast...a minimal amount though. Are the trees budding there this week?!? I hope your week has improved since it's rough start. <3

  22. I love it when your family gives you the right gifts... giftcards for books rock! Enjoy spending it.
    Your hubby certainly is wise too! Enjoy your new reads!!


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