Saturday, April 11, 2015

When Life's Kicking Your Butt, How About a Theme Song ~ April

Once again, my pal, Robyn, over @robgirlbooks, has us creating a soundtrack for our lives. This challenge is all about sharing the music you listen to when you need motivation, or to celebrate, or when you're happy or sad, or when you're cleaning, etc. Sounds fun, yeah? Here's how it works... Robyn gives us a theme every month and we post songs that fulfill that theme as it applies to us. Then at the end of the year, we'll have a playlist!

The playlist for 2014 can be found here (youtube link) if you're interested. I enjoyed sharing my family's musical tastes with y'all and I enjoyed being introduced to some new music. I'm looking forward to doing it again for 2015!


This month's theme is blogger's choice. Since my family participates, I asked them for theme ideas. My son tossed out one that we all liked. So our theme for April is...*drum roll* 
Songs You Both Love & Hate, Depending on Your Mood
Here are our choices:

My Pick
I have always been a fan of Rush but for some reason, as I've gotten older, I really have to be in the right mood to listen to them.

James' Pick
He says this really goes for any Journey song. :)

Sky's Pick
Sky has a love/hate relationship with songs from Legally Blond because she played in the musical pit orchestra for the high school performances...while she had mono. :/ The songs have been stuck in her head for the past 2 months.

Berk's Pick
Berk just has a love/hate relationship with Taylor, period.

Jax's Pick
This is something since he's a huge Beatles fan. *ha*


  1. Great picks this week! I love how diverse they all are!

  2. Zane and I are total Swifties so I love every song by Taylor. 'Mean' was a fun one and a positive one for remembering that just because someone else has an opinion about you, it shouldn't get you down. I'm a Journey fan as well so Don't Stop Believing is a fabulous choice! Love these :D

  3. I'm a big fan of Taylor too. I even brought home a cardboard display from her 1989 album for Berk. :) I'm glad you like our choices, Jaclyn. This was a fun way to get everyone involved. :)

  4. Thanks, Naomi. We do have similar music tastes as well but then we all like our own stuff too. :)

  5. My boys love Taylor Swift and my mom says she has a girl crush on her. Don't Stop Believing is a classic. Makes me think of summer days at the town pool in Iowa. Legally Blonde music is new to me. Rush takes me back to the days when I zoned out on music. Um, Strawberry Fields Forever has a few spacing out memories too. Great picks! I hope you're all still enjoying the snow.


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