Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beyond the Books ~ Back-to-School Blues

Welcome to Beyond the Books. This post was inspired by Lexxie @Unconventional BookviewsUp Close and (Un)conventional, who was inspired by Cuddlebuggery. It's meant to be a way for y'all to get to know me better on a personal level ~ Beyond the Books. ;)


School started this week. *sniff* All my kids are in high school. ALL.OF.THEM. And since my oldest drives, AND they're all involved in marching band, my role in their lives is evolving. My oldest drives everyone to school now...and that means I have 2 extra hours in my day. Plus, they have marching band rehearsal after-school 2 days a week, and ALL day on Saturday so they're just not going to be here a lot of the time. And while I'm so excited that they're growing up and they're such amazing individuals with their own special talents, I'm also feeling a little blue. I miss them already and it's only the first week. And this is my oldest daughter's senior year. This time next year, she'll be away at college. Gah! 

Kids grow up waaay too fast. So even though I'm feeling a little blue, and missing my kiddos, I'm trying to cherish every minute I have with them. Because it won't be long before they're all away at college and I'll be wondering why I ever complained about all the time I spent in the car taking them here and there... 

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