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Contemporary Romance Review ~ Slow Ride ~ Cathryn Fox

Slow Ride (Playing for Keeps, #1)Slow Ride by Cathryn Fox
Playing for Keeps #1
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchased on nook
Rating: 3 Bookworms
Challenges: #OctobeRecFest 2015

He's looking for love. She's looking for trouble...

As a successful doctor and weekend cowboy, Chase Cooper enjoys a full life with plenty of female company. But lately, something hasn't felt right. He's been distracted. Antsy. Damn it, he's been lonely. With an eye on settling down with a nice girl, Coop invites his high school best friend down to his ranch to see if maybe she's the one for him...

Instead, her twin sister shows up. The one who loathes him.

Julia Blair is already halfway to Coop's ranch when she learns the invitation wasn't for her, but her vivacious twin sister. She has two choices: slink back home, or see just how far this farce will go. One glance at hotter-than-sin Coop, and she knows she's playing a dangerously hot game. Because what this cowboy wants, this cowboy gets...

I one-clicked this first installment of the series after reading Anna's review (@Herding Cats & Burning Soup) of #3 in the series. I liked the idea behind the series - 3 guys hatching a plan to try to catch the one that got away. Slow Ride was a fast, hot, and fun read.

Coop had a girl as one of his best friends in high school. Oh, everyone believed they were more than friends, or at least friends with benefits, but Coop actually had the hots for his best friend's twin sister. There were two problems with that. 1) being the best friend's twin, Julia was off limits. And 2) Julia claimed Coop wasn't her type. That couldn't have been further from the truth. Julia had the hots for Coop but knew she couldn't compete with her sister for his affections.

The two meet under dubious circumstances - the guys' plan - and Coop and Julia get reacquainted during a week working on a dude ranch. I enjoyed the rekindling of feelings, the closeness they develop, and their smexy times. My only complaint was that since this is a novella, they story felt rushed. And I would have liked a little more openness between them sooner.

Overall though, it was a quick, sexy read. And I'm eager for the other guys' turns with their ladies. ;)

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