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Review ~ Nowhere Ranch ~ Heidi Cullinan

Nowhere RanchNowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Genre: Adult, M/M Contemporary Romance

Source: Gift from Robyn
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

Challenges: #COYER B2B, #ShelfLove

Love will grow through the cracks you leave open.

Ranch hand Roe Davis absolutely never mixes business with pleasure--until he runs into his boss, Travis Loving, at the only gay bar within two hundred miles.

Getting involved with the ranch owner is a bad idea, but Roe's and Travis's bedroom kinks line up against one another like a pair of custom-but rails. As long as they're both clear this is sex on the side, no relationship, no interfering with the job, they could make it work.

Shut out by his family years ago, Roe survived by steadfastly refusing to settle into so much as a post office box. As his affair with Travis grows into more than just sex, Roe's past catches up with him, threatening the thin ray of happiness he's found, reminding him it's well past time he went on his way.

But even a loner gets lonely, and at this point, there's nowhere left to run. The shame and sorrow of what he's lost will stay with Roe wherever he goes--until he's ready to let love lead him home.

Nowhere Ranch is one of the most beautiful love stories I've read. It was by turns heartbreaking and heartwarming. It's a story of acceptance and the healing power of love.

Roe Davis is a man on the run. Having been kicked out of his home and shunned by his family for his sexual preferences, he's been running from place to place ever since. Then he lands at Nowhere Ranch. He enjoys the work and the peace. But when he runs into his boss at the only gay bar in a 3 hour radius, things get a little weird.

Nowhere Ranch is narrated by Roe as he tells his story of meeting Travis, making friends for the first time in his life, and finally finding a home full of love. The prose is - stark is how I think I'd describe it. Neither Roe nor Travis are big talkers. Their actions and few words say so much though. Roe has always felt dirty, unworthy of love in any form. So seeing Travis and the others at Nowhere Ranch love him and seeing Roe work at accepting it was incredibly satisfying.

Travis is an amazing man. Quiet but loyal and loving. He really did work at giving Roe everything he needed. Love, stability, support - all the things you desire from a significant other, friend and family. And then there's Haley. Oh my was she full of piss and vinegar. I adored every second with her - especially when she told off one of Roe's family members and her pastor. And while I agreed with Roe that you can't fight hate with hate, I appreciated her rant all the same.

Nowhere Ranch is not a read for everyone. There are some fairly graphic love scenes - with interesting kinks - and while they did serve to move the story forward - proving trust - they aren't going to be for everyone. But overall, I'm so pleased with my introduction to Cullinan. She crafted a lovely story that will break your heart and then mend it and she just might restore a little of your faith in humanity.

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