Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Post #14 ~ Summertime...Can I Relax Now??

Sunday Post

As y'all probably all know, the Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It's a chance to share my news from the week whether it be book, blog, or just life news. Since I read so many of your Sunday Posts and I wanted to add something new in 2016, I've decided to join in the fun!


I made it back from BEA and dove straight into graduation madness! Y'all, I'm so, so tired! But I survived both my trip to Chicago (which was fabulously, amazingly awesome!) and my older daughter's graduation which included a HOUSEFUL of company! Graduation was's held at Red Rocks which is just gorgeous. And we had a lovely day - no rain, no was sunny and warm. *sigh* All my kids are now out for summer vacation. And I wanna know...can I relax now?? 

I managed to get all my Spring Cleaning list accomplished with the exception of cleaning out my closet...all before the graduation company arrived. Yay! 

Reading-wise, I'm *still* listening to One Second by Dannika Dark. It's so good and I've done some cleaning just so I could listen! ;) I finished Shatter by Erin McCarthy (the final book in the True Believers series), The Siren by Tiffany Reisz and The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead. I also finished Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley, Derision by Trisha Wolfe, and Discovering You by Brenda Novak. I'm currently reading Awakened by a Demoness by Felicity Heaton and up next is Awakened by the Wolf by Kristal Hollis. This past month has done a lot of damage to my challenges. Ugh!

How was y'all's week?!? I hope this upcoming one fantastic! :D


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Challenge Updates
I made very little progress with my challenges the past few weeks. Seriously, I'd been 7 books ahead in my Goodreads challenge and now I'm 2!! I'm really hoping to get more reading done now that school is out and things have calmed down a bit. :D  I read 4 books towards my #ShelfLove Challenge. I got quite a few new releases read for the New Release Challenge this month. In fact, I feel like what I *did* read was mostly newly released. I once again failed my Reading Assignment Challenge in May (wah!) but that's does mean that I got an "F" for the second quarter BUT I get a do-over in the next quarter. (I will also work at reading those books anyway!) I've off to a slow start with Clean Sweep but hey, I'm gonna get to post a FEW reviews to Netgalley. ;) I'll update my Clean Sweep results with my end-of-month challenge update. #BloggerShame numbers went up by 2 - the two reviews I'll be posting to Netgalley.i And I ended up with 17/15 scheduled posts for Blog Ahead. Woohoo!!

#ShelfLove - 38
Blogger Shame - 8
New Release - 16
Goodreads - 62
#2016HW - 6
#CleanSweep - 1
Blog Ahead - 17/15 posts!

How are y'all doing with your challenges?

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