Sunday, October 27, 2013

**Out of Office ;) **

Hey y'all. I wanted to let you know that I'll be 'out of the office' starting today. I should be back online Tuesday. I'm traveling to the Colorado State Marching Band Competition to watch my daughters perform. Therefore, I'll be either in a car or outside fixing hair, uniforms, instruments, and generally caring for the band kids, and watching band performances. So I won't be around to reply to comments here or to visit your blogs to comment. (I know I've been behind some lately - these last 2 weeks have been crazy busy with preparations) But I'll catch up, I promise! :)

Until then, Happy Reading!


  1. I hope your daughters have a blast and you get a bit of down time in between the fixing hair, uniforms, instruments etc :)

  2. Have fun! Good luck to your daughters ;)
    -Scott Reads It!

  3. Hope you guys are having fun! I had a blast in marching band, and I agree with Robyn. You're so cool!


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