Thursday, October 17, 2013

**Think Out Loud ~ #6 ~ What I've Learned**

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At the start of this year, I was so dreamy-eyed over participating in self-challenges. I was so confident in being able to accomplish SO much. Naturally, I tasked myself to complete several self-challenges, reading a high number of books. Do you know what I've learned? I suck at self-challenges! 

How about y'all? Are you one of those readers/bloggers who participate in challenges, meet your goals or even *gasp* overachieve? Or are you like me? :)

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  1. I usually cheat and set the benchmark low so I can fist pump when I achieve it. Or I make it so hard I can't sustain it when real life intervenes. In my first month of blogging, I managed to review 49 books! Now I'm averaging about 18.


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