Thursday, October 3, 2013

**Think Out Loud #4 ~ The Hills are Aglow**

I love this time of year here in Colorado. The crisp air, the bugling elk, and the glow of the aspen on mountainsides. Although I love things about all the seasons, something about the fall makes me really feel blessed to live here. 


  1. Pretty! I point out all the flaming red trees to the boys. Surprisingly, they are unaffected. I love autumn so much when I first moved here I wanted to rake leaves into a mound and jump in them just like in the movies. But I lived in the dorms so I spent an afternoon wandering the neighborhood asking old people if I could rake their leaves. "For free, I promise." Can you believe there were no takers?

  2. Awesome! I've only been to Colorado once back in 2008 to Denver as a class trip. It was super amazing going to the red rocks area (forgot it is called) and we got to white water raft!

  3. Wow. These are amazing pics. You made me think of long walks and beautiful mornings.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
    I'm glad I joined TOL. :)


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