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**#COYER Reviews ~ White Collared: Mercy & Greed ~ Shelly Bell**


I'm posting my reviews of White Collared Part One: Mercy and White Collared Part Two: Greed, the first two in the White Collared Serial today. My reviews of the final two installments will post tomorrow. :)


White Collared Part One: Mercy
White Collared Part One: Mercy by Shelly Bell

The first sexy installment in Shelly Bell's four-part serialized erotic thriller about a young law student who must go undercover at a sex club to prove her client is not guilty of murder.

Driven by ambition...
Third-year law student Kate Martin outran her tragic past to become an intern for her idol and secret crush, the powerful attorney Nicholas Trenton. She is thrilled when Nick assigns her to represent his best friend and client, millionaire Jaxon Deveroux...the prime suspect in his submissive wife Alyssa's murder.

Seduced by desire...
Kate knows they have only a few days to find the real killer, and since signs point to a member of the BDSM community, she volunteers to go undercover as Jaxon's submissive at Benediction - the private sex club where he is a member - to covertly investigate Alyssa's last few months. For years, Kate has kept her dark fantasies a secret...but a chance to explore them with sexy, dominant Jaxon is just too tempting to pass up.

I one-clicked this serial because Braine @Talk Supe loved it so much and I have to commend her for the recommendation. :) This first installment of White Collared grabbed me at page one and didn't let go. I'm choosing to read this serial in the same way I'd watch a movie or t.v. show - eh, some of the things maybe wouldn't happen in real life but they make for some great drama. 

Kate Martin is an ambitious, third year law student with a scary past she's hiding from. As an intern at a prestigious law firm, she's working for the man who's served as her inspiration while in law school. She keeps a tight rein on everything in her life - she wants control. When Nicholas Trenton requests she join him in litigating a high profile case, she would never have imagined what she was about to become a part of.

Nick is a brilliant civil attorney who is now representing his best friend, Jaxon Deveroux, in a criminal case - the murder of his wife, Alyssa. The case seems cut and dry, but when Jaxon's sexual proclivities are made known, the case become very complicated. And Kate is asked to step way out of her comfort zone in order to gather evidence.

Between the haunting memory flashbacks, the present danger Kate is putting herself in, and the sparks flying between Kate, Nick, and Jaxon, Marcy was a gripping read. Ms. Bell gave the right amount of information on everyone to keep me wondering what was going on. And I can't wait to find out!


White Collared Part Two: GreedIn the second installment of Shelly Bell's four-part serialized erotic thriller, law student Kate Martin enters a world of dark secrets and seductive fantasies at the exclusive sex club Benediction.

Restrained by duty...
Reeling from a threatening phone call and frightened that her past will be revealed, Kate turns to the one man she can still trust: Nick. She can't deny her attraction to him, yet she craves the passionate connection she has with Jaxon.

Bound by passion...
Undercover at Benediction, Jaxon introduces Kate to the sensual pleasures found in exhibitionism and voyeurism. While they mingle with the club's patrons, Jaxon and Kate unearth clues about his wife Alyssa's last days that could lead them to her killer. But as she investigates further, Kate is shocked to learn of a cold case that is eerily similar to Alyssa's murder...and when the evidence ties Jaxon to yet another death, Kate begins to question everything she knows about her enigmatic lover.

Omigosh! This installment was even more thrilling!

As Kate and Nick continue to work on Jaxon's case, she and Jaxon attend Benediction, the sex club he and Alyssa belonged to, in order to do some undercover investigating. Jaxon and Kate do manage to find some leads. But the leads make Kate question what she thinks she knows.

Kate finds herself in so much danger. She and Jaxon are keeping their physical relationship under wraps as it could affect both his case and her career. Kate is also dealing with someone threatening her. She fears her secrets are close to being revealed. And she's in danger of losing her heart to a man...

Ms. Bell gives little hints but I can't put all the pieces together yet. The more information I'm given, the more confused I get. The suspense in the story is fantastic. The steam factor is as well. And all the elements - mystery, suspense, and steam are keeping me on edge!


  1. Great reviews, Brandee. These two books sound awesome. So glad the second installment didn't disappoint.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. Kate and Nick sounds like characters I could fall for, thanks for the rec

  3. I hopped off after the first installment, but I'm very happy you've enjoyed this!

  4. Braine recommended and you loved it and it was thrilling the second installment. I shall have to look into this one. I have seen it about, but, so many books to read. I do like hearing when readers/reviewers really like a book . Thanks for sharing!


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