Friday, September 12, 2014

**Review ~ Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story ~ PT Michele**

Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story (In the Shadows, Part 1)Mister Back: A Billionaire SEAL Story
Series: In the Shadows #1
Release Date: June 14, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller, Romance
Source: I purchased an ecopy from Amazon (Naomi made me do it! ;)
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

We all have someone who crossed our path and fundamentally changed us. That one person who blew through our lives, their presence forever stamped on our psyche. They linger in our thoughts, in our hearts, and in the decisions we make. A soul crusher or a dream maker, depending on the perspective.

My person is MISTER BLACK.
I didn't know him by that name when I first met him.
I didn't know him at all, but the impression he left behind was just as powerful as the name I call him today.

He is Black: A deadly enforcer and masterful seducer.
I am Red: a justice bleeder and willing participant.
Together we are passion. Colors colliding through each other's lives.

When our secrets converge in a passionate encounter, stepping out of the shadows just might be worth the risk.

*Note: Mister Black is part 1 of a serial and is approximately 125 print pages.

**Mister Black is currently only 99 cents**

Holy wow! Mister Black was an exciting introduction to In the Shadows - which is a serial - and I'm hooked! There's mystery, intrigue, sexy banter, and smoking sexy times. :)

Talia first meets the enigmatic Mr. Black when they're teens. Although she never thought to see him again, he left an indelible mark on her. Now, as a college senior, she's working at a story that could make her journalistic career once she graduates. At a costume party, where she hopes to score the interview of all interviews, she once again meets Mr. Black. Talia, however, is hiding from her past, so despite the sexy repartee and the time they spend together, she's rather determined to keep their meeting to just that.

Talia is head-strong and driven young woman...just my kind of heroine. Mr. Black is mysterious, protective, domineering, and sexy. Together, their chemistry makes them combustible. They each have secrets and I'm very excited to see what happens when those secrets see light. I don't know where this is going to go but I'm thinking that Talia isn't going to be able to hide from Mr. Black. After all, it was he who taught her to "look for rainbows".


  1. I swear, Brandee, at this rate you are going to get me to read a serial yet. Secrets and great chemistry are usually a winning recipe in Contemporary New Adult, and Naomi hasn't steered me wrong yet with any of her recommendations, so I'm finding these 125 pages hard to resist. It's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend, maybe I'll let Michele's writing warm me up. Congrats again on winning my blogiversary giveaway! I'll reply to your e-mail when I'm done making the rounds. :)

  2. Their secrets sounds great, will have to look into this one

  3. I love PT Michelle's YA books, do I'm surprised that I still haven't read this yet. Soooo glad you enjoyed this one!

  4. Mister Black sounds great. I am all for sexy banter, so glad you enjoyed this one.

  5. I am so glad you loved this one! I pre-ordered Scarlett Red yesterday... 99c HELL YEAH!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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