Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#ShelfLove ~ Organizing Those Shelves

This month as part of our challenge, we're discussing how we organize our bookshelves!

First of all, I work in a bookstore, y'all. I may only work seasonally now, but I did work full-time for awhile. Therefore, I organize my shelves by genre, of course! And my shelves are also arranged alphabetically.

On my physical shelves, I have Literary Fiction, Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy, Romance, and YA. I don't have my YA broken out by genre...yet. But I'm sure I will once I get more books from my TBR shelves moved over. :) 

While I do have my TBR Shelves organized in the same way, the number of books on those shelves is so *ahem* huge that I do have some stacked along the tops of the shelves. Those are arranged by the book event where I got them. *ha*

My ereader shelves are less organized...at least on my kindle. I didn't know for the longest time that you could create "collections" on the kindle. Recently, I've begun creating collections and adding books but it's a challenging process, honestly. Kindle doesn't make it easy. My nook, on the other hand, makes it easy-peasy. I created shelves from the get-go on my nook and try to be vigilant about moving books from my TBR shelf to the Read shelf. They do stay on their genre shelves though...

So, how do y'all organize your shelves? Willy-nilly or do you have a particular system?

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