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#COYER Review ~ Lord Midnight ~ Donna Cummings #ShelfLove

Lord MidnightLord Midnight by Donna Cummings 
Release Date: November 13, 2013
Genre: Adult, Historical Romance

Source: Purchased on Kindle
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #COYER, #ShelfLove

GABRIEL DeVAULT, a dashing highwayman, lives to avenge himself against the uncle who stole his title and tried to kill him as a child. One night's robbery yields unexpected riches when his uncle's spirited bride-to-be falls into Gabriel's arms. Now his plans for vengeance include seduction of the innocent miss, in the home that once was his own.

MARISA DUNSMORE is blackmailed into wedding the cold and calculating Edmund DeVault, Lord Westbrook, to protect her beloved aunt. When her attempts to escape the upcoming marriage fail, she turns to the man she knows as Lord Midnight, entrusting him with her love, and her future.

Soon Gabriel must choose: saving the woman who stole his heart, or destroying the man who stole his life.

Lord Midnight is going to stick with me for quite awhile. From the premise to the characters - I adored everything about it!

Marisa is in need of rescue. This intelligent and cunning young lady has tried everything but her father has threatened the one thing - the only thing that could induce her to agree to a marriage she has no interest in. Enter Gabriel. He's a highwayman, and along with his merry band of brigands, he relieves the wealthy of some "weight" - their valuables - as they travel along the road. It's serendipitous Gabriel should hold up the carriage Marisa is ensconced in - the one delivering her to her betrothed...

  • Marisa and Gabriel
    I adored these two! Marisa is cunning but also so forthright. She's almost bewitched by Gabriel - whom she seems to trust implicitly - but having no reason to have trusted anyone save her aunt. Gabriel doesn't realize the gift her trust is. He is enchanted by Marisa's ethereal beauty, sharp mind, and sharper tongue. He's determined to help some Marisa - at first for selfish reasons - but soon for more noble ones. Gabriel has a secret - one that could be life-altering for himself, Marisa, and her betrothed.
  • Lord Westbrook
    He's Marisa's betrothed and the villain. DCummings drew him in such a way thought that at times I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. At his core, he's wicked and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
  • Setting
    DCummings painted a lovely setting for the story - from Westbrook's estate to Gabriel's abbey - the details were sharp and allowed me to envision it all.
  • Action, Suspense
    All that goes on is so very realistic. I worried constantly over what Marisa and Gabriel were going to do and if they'd be caught. Even Gabriel's midnight visits caused me concern. It made for an exciting read.
  • Secondary Cast
    The secondary cast - Gabriel's gang - Jamie, Gilbey, and Davy - and M's brother Bernard along with the test were a lively group that enhanced Maris and Gabriel as characters and added complexity to the story.
I finished this several days ago and it's still churning in my head. I can't say enough good things about it. It was exciting, entertaining , and swoon-worthy. This one awhile go on the re-read pile.

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