Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #80 ~ Fearless in Texas ~ Kari Lynn Dell

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is a weekly meme hosted by my blogger wife, Lexxie, @(un)Conventional Bookviews. It's a way to highlight a book using quotes that revolve around food and/or drinks. Every Thursday, post a line or two...or heck, a whole paragraph, that spoke to you in some way using food and/or drinks. *wink* Don't forget to link up!

My pick this week for Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is from:

Fearless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell

This particular scene made my mouth water right along with Wyatt's! =)


And then he smelled it.
His digestive juices kicked into overdrive at the scent of fresh-baked bread and fried chicken. He had to stop short inside his newly acquired back gate to avoid a wheeled steer dummy that came zipping toward him, pursued by two men with ropes.
Melanie strolled out the door in low-cut jeans and a bright-yellow tank top, her hair rippling loose and a drink in each hand. The sight of her was like a flower bursting into bloom in Wyatt's chest. She sauntered up, passed him a whiskey and Coke, and gave him a wifely peck on the cheek.
Wyatt drew a long, appreciative breath. "Please tell me that tastes as good as it smells."
"What do you think?" a new voice demanded.
He stared at the woman who filled the doorway to the kitchen. "Helen?"
"In the flesh, and there's still a whole lot of it."
She folded him into a hug that was like being swallowed by Mother Earth, then stepped back and looked him up and down with a critical eye. "All gaunted up from the road, just like Joe used to be. You go on in and find a seat. I'll fix you a plate."

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